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  1. Using a clipboard manager is an option i'm evaluating, but still, if you copy/paste 10 or 20 items it can become messy. And switching tab every time is time consuming (i'm doing this for like 6-8 hours per day), even with a shortcut (in mac is alt tab as well). Long story short, two monitors allow me to replicate what I'm used to with paper and books. Sending text directly will allow me to have the perfect setup
  2. it's more like having a shortcut to not move the mouse since I suffer from wrist pain; moreover since I don't have to swap focus I can concentrate better and save some hours per week
  3. I'm using mac os. I'm currently summarizing books I've already read; I'm basically coping/pasting/lightly editing parts of pdfs, and using evernote as document editor (because I'm using a notebook to collect everything related to my research). Having the possibility to directly send text from the pdf to the note would be awesome for me
  4. problem is that i don't want to create like 60-70 notes, especially because having one single note allows me to have always in sight what i've copied and eventually making corrections, adding texts etc...
  5. I've currently set up extra keys on my mouse to copy and paste, so I just have to move my mouse at the end of the note, hit "enter" and the paste key. But I think that's strange that a note taking app doesn't have this time saving shortcut (nor I know other apps having it)
  6. I'm reading a 300 pages PDF, so I need to sent the content of my clipboard to a note. I don't use emails
  7. Hi If I use the shortcut to paste text into evernote, every time a new note is created. Since I'm using evernote to summarize books and papers, it's nonsensical for me. Right now I'm using my iPad as a second display and every time I drag and drop the text to the note. However, it takes me some time and I have to move the mouse (which is uncomfortable for my wrist). There's a way to create a shortcut that simply send the text to the note already open? thank you in advance
  8. Hi everyone I'm currently using evernote to collect and organize articles and papers from the web. So, 95% of my evernote's use hinges on web clipper. However, I noticed how editable clipped articles are difficult to read, since the app gives no layout to texts, creating thus an hard-to-read wall text, especially if you are using a big screen, as you can notice from the attached image. There's a way to improve readability, automatically formatting text just like mercury extension on chrome ? Thanks!
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