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  1. 5.9 Outlook Clipper causes a crash for me, where I had been able to get 5.8 to work (see my previous post about the touchscreen capability of Windows) Runing Windows 8.1 and Office version 15.0.4745.1002. Reverting to 5.8 and now Outlook web clipper 5.8 has started crashing again.
  2. Just an update to say I found my problem. Not sure if this was actually an issue with Evernote or a bug in Windows. In my case, the crash started in Windows' PenIMC.dll. That's (supposedly) only active if you have a touchscreen laptop. If you have the little pop-up onscreen keyboard icon next to your system tray, I think this dll is getting loaded. Anyhow, I don't actually have a touchscreen laptop, rather a Logitech T650 touchpad that made Windows think this was a touchscreen system. I uninstalled the touchpad and rebooted. Windows no longer loads those DLLs, and I can click 'Save to Evernote' in Outlook without crashing anymore. If you actually have a touchscreen, I'm not sure what to suggest. Maybe try a backdated version of Evernote. I was surprised to see that the 'Save to Evernote' dialog looks completely different now (more modern). I'm guessing the older versions didn't care whether the system was touch-capable or not.
  3. I"m running 15.0.4737.1003 64-bit on a Windows 8.1 Pro system.
  4. Sad to say, the 5814 beta build did not fix the problem for me, either. I did as suggested: uninstall EN, reboot, admin-install, login as user and run EN, then start Outlook.
  5. I tried Wildsubnet's solution also...I have always had the OneNote connector disabled, but I also disabled the Outlook Social Connector. Did not fix the issue. Just for kicks, I tried disabling all the add-ins _except_ the EN clipper. No change, am still experiencing the Outlook crash. Good to hear that at least somebody got some feedback and that this isn't an entirely isolated problem. I never realized how often I hit that 'Save to Evernote' button until it started crashing.
  6. I did finally receive a reply to my support ticket. They had me uninstall Evernote, reboot, and re-install to see if that would fix the problem. Of course, it did not. Then they "escalated the issue to the engineering team" but then closed the ticket, with no further data collection. How is engineering supposed to fix anything without any better logs of the Outlook crash? If this is a known issue, saying so would have been nice. Very frustrated and disappointed with Evernote's support team. Again, it just seems unprofessional - in this case, closing a ticket on a yet-to-be-resolved bug. If one my enterprise vendors tried that, they'd get thrown out of the account. But then, Cisco isn't dumb enough to close a case when the bug isn't fixed (unless you specifically ask them to). Maybe Evernote doesn't want to be enterprise-quality, but if so they need to give up the whole "Evernote for Business" marketing message. Just admit "We're a consumer product, support's gonna suck, so don't bother calling." Ugh, maybe it's time to look at OneNote again. Or maybe Google Drive/Docs could be leveraged do serve the same function. BTW - I looked at the same place R. Boerma showed in his screenshots. Both of my plugins are pointing to the Program Files directory.
  7. I'm seeing the same issue. Windows 8.1, Evernote (although the problem started several builds ago). Office 2013, 64bit version, 15.0.4727.1003. Premium subscriber...I've opened a case with Evernote and received absolutely no response. The crash is annoying. The lack of response is just unprofessional. FWIW, I installed Evernote on a Win10 system with a preview build of Office 2016. There are some UI issues there, but the crash does not occur. I also created a new Outlook Profile on a different user account, on my main system - the one having issues. No crash there either.
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