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  1. Thanks for taking my feature request! I haven't spent much time on the forums, so I have no perspective but my own. \My major request is that Evernote provide some basic options to users. I would personally like to have nesting tags and separate tags for separate notebooks. But I understand others don't. Seems like we could all live together if we had two check boxes in the preferences section.
  2. Hello, I am a premium user and utilize Evernote in a variety of capacities, including document filing, to-do lists, etc. Thank you for making great software. But please provide an option to let us use separate tag groups for each notebooks. This would enable me to utilize a variety of tag structures without overwhelming any one notebooks tag list. Many, many users would appreciate this feature. I would also request proper tag nesting. The current tag nesting structure is purely cosmetic and is of limited value. And finally, if you offer nesting tags, please make them work on the iPhone app. While I appreciate that you provide a very simple application with few options or preferences, I think you should consider giving us more freedom in our configuration. These limitations cause me to periodically look at competing products. Thanks much Cassidy
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