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  1. Thank you! I can honestly say that Evernote has been one of the most essential apps in my career and personal life, and I've evangelized for them this whole 10 years. So there's a lot I'll put up with before I decide to go... (I think it was journalist James Fallows that made me aware of it.) I'm optimistic that your suggestion will work at least at some level.
  2. Sharing between a premium personal and free work account might be the ticket for me if it doesn't require lots of workarounds -- especially for PDF search. (Similarly, Sync-on-Demand won't work if I can't search unsynchronized notes.) If I can access 11 years and many GB of work-related material archived in EN this way, I'll be considerably less disappointed to not have a feature that is becoming make-or-break. So thank you for that suggestion. Don't assume that I'm expressing my disappointment idly or crankily. My point wasn't to say that EN owes me. Rather, it was to say that as a big EN fan I've gamely played along as they implemented features that weren't nearly as critical, as reasonable, nor as long-requested as Selective Sync on Win & Mac clients. I'm glad you're satisfied with your particular workarounds within your particular workflow, and I'm hoping I can adapt yours to work within my own. But these workarounds don't necessarily negate the problem for those of us who have it, and they don't invalidate frustrations that it never got implemented beyond the iOS and Android clients.
  3. I'm considering doing what Lutherian projected, though I'm a strongly-invested EN user of many years. There's no way I'm paying for two Premium accounts just because EN doesn't let me sync only work-related folders to my work laptop. (And my company won't spring for EN Business, so this is out-of-pocket for me.) Just before I began this reply, I had downloaded Evernote onto my new work laptop, and was about to install and thought, "Nope. Do I really want gigs of unencrypted personal files on my corporate IT backup server?" It's not just a personal risk -- it's a huge waste of resources. I've supported EN through many iterations and side projects, many of which I beta-tested, offered free UX advice (sometimes on these discussion boards), and enjoyed. But for some reason this feature, which other cloud services managed to implement, this one isn't ever on EN's radar. Pleeeeeaaassse, Evernote, pleeeeeeasssse....
  4. I had to uninstall/reboot/reinstall/resync. I guess that's the risk I took when updating during a meeting while part of the beta program!
  5. Just updated to version 6.13.3 (details below) and am now stuck in a login loop. Evernote opens, asks for me to log in, accepts my input. But it does not open the main panel, then prompts me to re-login. Rebooting does not fix this. (Also tried to use the workaround in the prior topic, taking a screenshot via the toolbar and saving. This did not work.) Version 6.13.3 (455959 Direct) Editor: 1.30.3433 (fec246b) (That's what I get for updating while I'm at a meeting! Good thing I have the web interface to take notes on.)
  6. As of today I STILL get the error that my account hasn't migrated. Not even thinking of using Outlook.com as my primary email until that...
  7. Ok, my log gives me a clue. Penultimate is trying to download the papers and can't:
  8. That fixed it for me until recently, then voilà! The papers are missing again!
  9. The registry keys were the problem, thank you! (I had them going back to Evernote2!) In case it helps for future reference, here's the error I'd gotten in OLRDclipper[date].txt: 2016-04-25 10:08:39 DEBUG [1 ] - Loading localization from: C:\Program Files\Evernote\Evernote\OLIEResource.dll 2016-04-25 10:08:39 WARN [1 ] - Unable to load localization resource Str_Unknown:1 2016-04-25 10:08:39 DEBUG [1 ] - Localization loaded
  10. If it helps, I'm having the following error in OLRDclipper[date].txt: 2016-04-25 10:08:39 DEBUG [1 ] - Loading localization from: C:\Program Files\Evernote\Evernote\OLIEResource.dll 2016-04-25 10:08:39 WARN [1 ] - Unable to load localization resource Str_Unknown:1 2016-04-25 10:08:39 DEBUG [1 ] - Localization loaded I have no enclipper.txt files.
  11. I'm having a similar problem (posted here). Though the Add-in is present, it's insisting that I'm not logged in to EN. Hmm.
  12. (Apologies if Outlook Clipper doesn't apply to this forum.) Getting the below error whenever I try to clip an email using Outlook 2010. (Using EN I'm logged into the Windows app AND on Chrome and IE. Did all the restarts and reboots, too.
  13. Argh -- mine stopped connecting after many months of good use. Every method above (and some of my more superstitious methods) no longer work. This sucks -- I get MAJOR use out of this thing at work.
  14. Hi! Safari Version 9.0.1 (11601.2.7.2) Evernote Web Clipper 6.6 (Apologies if that's an old version -- I usually check but I can't connect on my Mac at the moment to confirm.)
  15. I'm getting zero response from Web Clipper for Safari for Guitarplayer.com. http://www.guitarplayer.com/artist-lessons/1026/beatles-multitracks-reveal-true-a-hard-days-night-opening-chord--video/54947 None of their pages seem to play ball with Clipper. Not even right-click and "Save [x] to Evernote"! Looks like there's some kind of popup overlay they have on their pages. Could that be the problem?
  16. The workarounds might not work as smoothly as RTM, but thanks for coming up with them! (Just joined ToDoist and am hoping for a better integration...)
  17. Nitpicky thing here: a bit of code found its way into the 2-way authentication: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s2/sh/8d689a17-1a54-4514-b74f-ae6a69400fc7/e55b33e7b6afacdcb6e05c990ee48d0d
  18. I seem to remember it has something to do with the port that Skitch uses and whether the corporate network allows passage. My customer's VPN doesn't block but my company's does. THough I could be misunderstanding something!
  19. Update: Today's new version hasn't fixed the Sync marker not clearing issue, in case there was a fix in that build.
  20. Complicating matters, I had the same problem crop up again yesterday - but with notes that did not contain PDFs. Some details: The notes had synced properly, but the unsynced indicator had not cleared.Closing Evernote led to the standard prompt that I had unsynced notes (though I had indeed synced prior to exiting). As before, sharing the unsynced notes was the only method I could find to clear the unsynced indicator. Since yesterday I noticed exactly the same issue reported by mcluff. It affects some older notes containing PDFs. What's more puzzling is that the problem seems to be limited to a specific notebook. And there is no "unsynced Notes" folder. These sync issues make me very nervous about my database integrity. What I mean is that I won't ever know if I have lost any of my notes until I need them. This sync problems could turn out to be a silent killer... May I ask what your work flow is with these PDFs? And this might sound like an unusual question, but do you ever right click on a file on the desktop or somewhere else in the file system and click "Copy" and then paste the whole PDF into Evernote? Do you do this to move files around in Evernote?
  21. I'm having a sync issue similar but different from s2sailor. The note shown here includes a PDF that was imported from my import folder. As you can see, it did not sync (or the indicator didn't clear), despite the fact that more recent notes had successfully synced. The note does not appear in an "Unsynced Notes" folder, however. I had this issue with multiple notes yesterday, but am not certain whether they were all PDF or imported via Import Folder. The workaround I used yesterday was to Copy Note URL to Clipboard, which did the trick. Un-sharing worked, but obviously this isn't the most secure workaround. UPDATE: the web client shows the file. I suspect that the Windows app isn't clearing the Sync indicator.
  22. Thanks! The dot indicator motif looked better before the latest Penultimate update (which dropped just as I was about to post!). I hope this is helpful at least in concept.
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