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  1. Evernote ended support of attachment file rename via Applescript many months ago — JMichael's method used to work. Ever since, at least for me, it's lead to countless frustration and shaking of fists ! Although It's less reliable than the old way, and it's occasionally buggy, I use the following script to: 1) export the note to an external file with the same name as the note's title 2) clean up the note's HTML content by removing the attachment reference tag 3) reattach the external file to the end of the note It's written to only work with notes having a single PDF or JPG attachment. In theory it handles multiple notes, but I tend to use it on just one note at a time, which minimizes potential complications in the event of a file system hiccup. Of course, you should first test it thoroughly on notes you don't mind accidentally damaging. set theTargetFolder to (path to desktop folder as string) & "Evernote Attachments"tell application "Evernote" activate set theNotes to selection repeat with theNote in theNotes set theNewAttachmentName to title of theNote as string set theContent to HTML content of theNote if (count of attachments of theNote) = 1 and ((theContent contains "type=\"evernote/x-pdf\"") or (theContent contains "id=\"en-media:image/jpeg")) then set theAttachments to attachments of theNote repeat with theAttachment in theAttachments if filename of theAttachment is not missing value then tell application "Finder" if folder theTargetFolder exists then delete theTargetFolder make new folder at (path to desktop folder as string) with properties {name:"Evernote Attachments"} end tell set theType to text -4 thru -1 of ((filename of theAttachment) as string) if text -4 thru -1 of theNewAttachmentName is not theType then set theNewAttachmentName to theNewAttachmentName & theType end if write theAttachment to (theTargetFolder & ":" & theNewAttachmentName) delay 0.5 end if end repeat end if if theContent contains "type=\"evernote/x-pdf\"" then set theContent to my RemoveTagContaining(theContent, "type=\"evernote/x-pdf\"") else if theContent contains "id=\"en-media:image/jpeg" then set theContent to my RemoveTagContaining(theContent, "id=\"en-media:image/jpeg") end if set (HTML content of theNote) to theContent tell theNote to append attachment file (theTargetFolder & ":" & theNewAttachmentName) delay 0.5 end repeatend telltell application "Finder" if folder theTargetFolder exists then delete theTargetFolderend tellon RemoveTagContaining(theHTML, theSearchValue) set theDefaultDelimiters to AppleScript's text item delimiters try set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ">" set theHTMLTags to text items of theHTML set theNewHTMLTags to {} repeat with i from 1 to count of items in theHTMLTags if item i in theHTMLTags does not contain theSearchValue then set the end of theNewHTMLTags to item i in theHTMLTags else set the end of theNewHTMLTags to "<!--Placeholder--" end if end repeat set theNewHTML to (theNewHTMLTags as string) set AppleScript's text item delimiters to theDefaultDelimiters return theNewHTML on error set AppleScript's text item delimiters to theDefaultDelimiters return theHTML end tryend RemoveTagContaining
  2. I'm having the same issue as everybody else... and so far a couple of rounds of deleting preferences and reinstalling hasn't helped either.
  3. Since I'd made the effort to whine about this very issue a few months back, I thought I'd log back in to let you know the Helper is now working correctly. I'm currently running Evernote 5.4.1 and OSX 10.8.5. I'm not really sure at what point the issue resolved itself since I'd given up using the Helper long ago out of frustration. Hopefully @larrymcj is still following this thread and the new version will work for him, now, too.
  4. I stumbled onto this thread while trying to find out if the EN database is the same on both Windows and Mac — but I thought it worth chiming in with my experience using Office for Mac 2011. I bought a copy shortly after switching to Mac, and although it's a laudable step in the right direction for Microsoft, it's obviously short on features compared to the Windows version. If you already have a copy of Office for Windows, then please take my advice and do what I wish I had done in the first place: install a copy of Parallels on your Mac, which lets you run Windows apps surprisingly well, including the feature-rich Windows versions of Excel, Word, etc. With Parallels installed, these apps will open automatically whenever you access an associated file stored in Evernote for Mac.
  5. postach.io — a free blog service mentioned by a couple of others in this thread, and currently in beta, makes for a good work-around and is worth highlighting a bit more. Granted, it means adding yet another link to the chain, with the risk that things could get messier, but the upside is all the fancy, read-baked themes postach.io offers — my Evernote content never look so good as it does on the blog site I just created, and the RSS feed generated so far has worked flawlessly. That said, I loudly concur with those who think that public notebook RSS feeds should be restored, at least as a premium feature.
  6. I've experienced the same issue as well, on both my MacBook Air and Mini, and have been ever since the Quick Note feature was added. The irony is that (I think) I was the one on this forum who first suggested adding this functionality... and I still really, really want to have this this feature, just like in Day One. I big shout out of gratitude, BTW, to larrymcj for saving us going through all the steps he took to try and resolve. I did do a near complete reinstall of Evernote (everything wiped out but data using App Cleaner), to no avail, though. I also deactivated any and all menubar apps to try and nail down possible conflicts, and tried several restarts, but nope, nada, zilch. Finally, I retraced any steps I may have taken last year during the season of two menu bar Elephants bug, but I didn't see anything there. Along the way I did discover the fun, relatively new Macbartender app and discovered there were some old crapps still hiding out, invisible, in my menu bar, that I was at least able to shed. It might be screen resolution related — or maybe screen draw. I spent an hour monkeying around with it today, but without getting to the bottom of it, either ... and I'm def. not up to a Lion reinstall. So for now I'm using the vjournal add-in app, which is the only thing with this sort of functionality that actually will work on my system. I'll keep (semi-)desperately watching this space, Evernote, so please post something here if this issue gets resolved.
  7. I would love to be able to make a quick note entry by clicking the Evernote Helper elephant icon in the Mac menu bar. Day One has long offered this feature, and it's killer. The only option I know of otherwise is to click "New Note" in Evernote Helper, or press the corresponding shortcut. Unfortunately, if Evernote isn't already loaded, I have to wait 9 seconds for the new note to open — despite owning a pretty snappy MacBook Air — before I can begin to type. And do you know how many trains of thought can derail, how many phone calls can interrupt, how many snappy MacBook Airs can crash in the space of 9 seconds? I swear, I've lost at least a dozen staggering works of heartbreaking genius waiting for new Evernote notes to open. I figured there would be a 3rd party solution available — but so far all my poking around both Trunk and Mac App Store have been to no avail. Is there anything I'm missing?
  8. Thanks for walking me through the roll back ! Finding myself bombarded with obtrusive new features that I didn't need -- and right in the midst of a major research project, like I always am -- made for an extremely frustrating distraction, like being forced to change horses in the middle of a race. I didn't care how shiny the new horse's mane was, or how ergonomic the new saddle was, I was trying to run a race. I understand your team is working hard to implement fun, helpful new features, and I know it's maddening to author new features that your user base doesn't even know about because they wind up being tucked away in deeply nested menu structures. But isn't there a happy medium somewhere? Isn't there some strategy for maintaining a straightforward, intuitive interface, the kind of interface that is largely responsible for EN's success and for your dedicated fan base, and still roll out new features in a way that's enticing rather than distracting and frustrating to the user?
  9. Here's a rant I posted on the EN blog a couple of days back ... I use EN a lot for online research, and the new clipper was slowing me down incredibly. I tried to find an old version to roll back to, but for now I'm having to settle for the bookmarklet. So is anybody else missing unobtrusive, sane, elegant clipping ? Is anybody else feeling the hate ? _______________________________________________ I appreciate the effort, but honestly, you guys should think about redubbing this newfangled guy “Web Clippy”, because just like it’s great uncle over at Microsoft it’s 1) obtrusive 2) slow 3) sufficiently inaccurate that it’s counter productive to even think about leaving it installed. 1) I do not need notebooks and categories suggested. Even when “Web Clippy” is right, it fills in the data slower than I can just type it in myself. 2) I DESPISE popups, especially those that I have to click to make go away. Honestly, are you trying to make Evernote look/feel like Spamware? 3) First do no harm! How can you turn something so friendly and unobtrusive into something so annoying, without at least including options to disable this *****? I don’t want to see related notes, I don’t want condescending suggestions … and if you want to add these features as options in Evernote for newbs, fine, but get out of my Safari where I”m here to work and do research. As a 2+ year subscriber to Evernote, a service that I adore and which is absolutely a lifeline for my job, I just uninstalled “Web Clippy” and now I’m off to find one of the old version so I can return to the sane, elegant way to upload snippets of web data.
  10. If multiple views cause usability problems, then why-o-why choose thumbnail view as the one-and-only for full screen ? Does EN have internal indications that it's the most popular among its user base ? 'Cause snippet view effectively mimics the standard view available in Mail, RSS feeds and a host of other very successful apps. It's a logical, easy to navigate layout and I would think it would be the most popular view by far in Evernote.
  11. Just chiming in to whine as loudly as possible about the loss of Snippet View in Beta 3. In Beta 2 it was still available, although it was only accessible by clicking the corresponding View menu item in the hidden menu bar, since the toolbar button set to switch views is grayed out. I love the notion of fullscreen (working off a MacBook Air, here) and I'm implementing it everywhere I can, using macros/scripts to auto-full screen all full-screen capable apps. But immediately after installing Beta 3, I had to re-write my scripts to remove Evernote, since EN is all-but-useless without snippet view. It's one thing to see new features added in a beta -- it's another thing altogether (and most maddening !) to see a basic, favorite, beloved feature just up and disappear on a whim. Snippet view gives Evernote the look/feel/functionality of a really good mail or RSS client providing one-click access to instantly view a note's content. By removing it, you double a user's need to click in order to interface with their data. So as s much as I truly love Evernote, and have recommended it with tremendous enthusiasm to colleagues, associates, family and friends for the past year, the decision to nix snippet view, if permanent, while not exactly pushing me into the arms of a competitor, will definitely lead me to give them a second look and see what their developers are up to.
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