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  1. Martin, this works great. It's a simple app, costs $1.99. It's a little too simple, as it makes you assign tags, notebooks, title only BEFORE you snap a pic, but it's okay - just something you should keep in mind. I have an "inbox" notebook as default, where I shoot notes from everything - emails, work, reading, trying to remember anything, etc - then I sit down to sort out the things and move into proper notebooks and tag things, etc. A picture once stuck in the FastEver Snap app, and i was waiting and waiting for it to upload, but the counter stayed at 1. I knew what the picture was of, plus copies of all images are optionally stored in the phone, so I had to uninstall/install the app (no charge). I asked the developer (Rakko Entertainment), and they kindly apologized and told me that uninstall/install is the only way to go about something like this, and that it should happen really rarely. Being an obsessive note taker, this is a non-issue to me. The app is fast to start too, but not always fast enough - was watching rugby and missed taking a snapshot of upcoming schedule Cheers eucrow
  2. Dear Evernote, I love you because you're amazing and beautiful, and I am addicted to you. Simple feature request: I read a lot and snap images of what I would like to be saved in EN with my iPhone. I don't use EN app for that: ONLY because it stores notes with such high resolution and there is no setting to downgrade it. Instead, I email them from the Camera Roll, choosing Med quality. I often get so absorbed in reading that I forget to turn my phone sideways to snap the image, and so it goes into the note rotated 90 degrees. As I process my notes in a desktop client - there is no way to rotate the image within a note. awww. Please add functionality to rotate the image within a note. It does however, OCR the vertical text no problem - I LOVE it! Subsequently, it would be superb if the iOS app had an option to store a lower res image, so pictures of text could be uploaded with less bandwidth use. Thank you, eucrow.
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