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  1. So how and where do we send to the right people so they see it? Then this post is like just venting. People who actually can make changes need to know.
  2. Evernote! Please help this is needed. The devices are made to multitask or save screen power while other apps run. We need background recording back.
  3. At one time you could multitask and do a background recording process. In the latest updates it has gone away. There are many topics on this in the forums. You just need to try to connect with a developer. Go to the bottom of evernote and click the link of contact and send multiple messages to people who can help fix this. It is very much needed. It is a great tool right until you have to go creat something else or check a message. The devices are made to multitask. They need to remember that. Thanks for posting.
  4. Hey Evernote team, I just got off a chat where I had the same discussion. They said evernote forum posting will help. Please post. what is weird is this feature works on my phone but not my tablet. We need to record and be able to go to other apps or let the screen darken to save power in between notes without the recording stopping. If not other apps atleast keep the recording on while the screen goes off to save power. This is huge in class where the lecture might be 10 mins and only 3 min are notes taking opps. I believe it worked this way on older versions. Weird to have new version revert. Please help, we love evernote.
  5. If you are making a note and using the voice recorder if you touch the power off button on the tablets the screen can sleep to save power. When this happens the tablet is still alive and apps are still working however the recorder is programmed to turn off on the tablet version. The recorder should be programmed to stay on till you turn it off. It also would be good to have it stay on while navigating to other apps. It turns off if you go to the browser to research or go to another app to (multitask). The phone version allows you to hit the power button to turn the screen off while still recording so you can take notes when needed but still record and save screen power. I hope this makes sense. Can you build in a menu option to allow multitasking or leave evernote recorder running while using other apps. This is handy when taking notes and a friend sends you a text. If you answer the text or email you the recorder stops. Thx, (PS I am using the new 4.0 ICS on Galaxy Tab Note 10.1.)
  6. Would say 1500 people have viewed this post and climbing. And only 18 post so far. We need more of you to post for a solution so contact evernote and Samsung.I
  7. AMR playback is not working on galaxy tabs 10.1, 8.9. 7.0 , please consult Samsung or android developers for a fix.
  8. Hemant, please help. This ticket should nit be closed. We and many would like a solution. Galaxy tab 10.1, 8,7 are the same software we are not talking about the older normal Galaxy Tab. The issue is on Galaxy Tab 10.1 with the Android 3.1 or 3.2. The amr will not play at all. We would like to use this tool they way it is intented. The error does not allow a error log to even be create so do not ask again. Please have someone there look into this or contact with you contacts the Samsung galaxy people to fix the software. It has to do with the file and the extensions. Hope to see a real solution. Thanks
  9. Evernote! Yes other apps like NOTE EVERYTHING are inking! Paintnote is noteeverythings version. We love Evernote and would like the see the full ability on the tablets. I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and would like to see (Ink Notes) on Android Honeycomb as well. It is the future and lets skate to where the puck is going to be before it gets there. Thanks
  10. Evernote works great, some reason however my audio notes will not playback on the Android Galaxy Tab 10.1, it records and if I go on line or on my phone the files play fine but all my work is done on the tablet which I use most. I have tried everything to play the files. Nothing seems to play audio .amr files on the tablet. Seems like the way the files are saved to the tablet device might be off. Not sure but would love to use my tablet audio portion to play back what i am recording when doing notes.
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