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  1. Hi All, I have been a premium Evernote user for many years and I recently decided to download Scannable to scan my customer's business cards. I like the integration so it works for me, however the way the phone numbers are stored are pretty frustrating for an Aussie user - who typically use this formats: Mobile numbers: xxxx xxx xxx Landline numbers (xx) xxxx xxxx Being US-based, it's creating numbers in Evernote (and my phone) in these types of formats, which are doing my head in: Mobile: (xxx) xxx-xxxx Landline: (xxx) xxx-xxxx Don't even get me started if there's a +61 on the card somewhere - it's giving me different results each time - is there a setting buried in the app somewhere that allows me to choose my preferred format?
  2. Hi All, I'm having a problem with my Windows machine where new notes, note changes etc aren't syncing up to the server. It will however download notes entered from another device. For example, for the last hour it's been showing 'Updating server database, 16% done' but not making any progress. (see att 1 & 2) Finally, att 3 shows what EN does after about 2-3 hours of '16% done' syncing. Just an exclamation mark, with no actual diagnosis of the issue. I've tested this on >5 Wifi & Wired networks, same results each time. Att 4 shows there's been no progress since starting this post. Not sure if anyone's able to shed some light? THX, Adam
  3. Hi All, Recently upgraded work computer and re installed EN. I had 5-6 Import Folders set up and now it's causing a problem with duplications when setting them back up. Luckily did a test before setting up my folder that includes 1,000 files...definitely getting duplicated - understandably, it's as if EN is reading the folder for the first time, then creating a new note accordingly. Anyone managed to find a workaround for this scenario? Hoping to find something that is a bit less time consuming than duplicating all the original files, then deleting all of the 'new' instances? That's all I could think of.. Thanks,
  4. Still getting issues with lag & PU not responding to stylus, leaving only a little dot at the exit point of the stroke - even with 'sync WIFI only' on. (which I was hoping would fix it) Anyone else getting this? I see this issue mentioned only occasionally on the forum, however it's my biggest gripe with the program and makes it un-useable as a result. I was with a customer today and PU didn't accept a stylus stroke for 20+ attempts, then would accept one, then not for another 20. Had to switch to Noteshelf to complete the customer visit. I know this isn't a stylus/screen cover issue as I do not get this unresponsiveness in any other note taking programs i've tested (Noteshelf, Goodnotes, Notability, 7notes) After a week of struggling with Penultimate and doing my best to make it work for me, I must head back over to Noteshelf once again, disappointed.
  5. Agree with most posts here, that the uncontrolled auto-sync is negatively effecting the user experience. My issue is not with the fact it's syncing to EN (a concept I absolutely love), but the fact it's always auto-syncing at every given opportunity. In Australia our 3G Networks are poor at the best of times and even worse in low coverage areas, many of those areas which I work in. The constant attempts and subsequent failures to sync cause the app to glitch out and PU fails to recognise my stylus entries in my experience. This renders the app useless unless you are in a strong coverage area or within a known WiFi network range and is rather embarrassing if you're sitting in front of a customer, madly trying to take notes on an app that's not responding. I think a 'sync only over WiFi' option would get me back across from Noteshelf.
  6. Took iPad out today for first time running new PU on 3G (over the weekend had only tested on wifi) - lag was so severe due to ongoing sync that it rendered PU completely unusable. Also, repeatedly failed to recognise stylus, only capturing the exit point of each stroke as a dot - but I think that had something to do with the sync lag. I'm using for work out in the customer face, so I must reluctantly revert back to Noteshelf until the option to manually sync is made available. Terribly disappointed as I'd been looking for direct sync to EN for some time.
  7. Anyone found out yet how to make the most recent page be at the top of the EN note upon syncing? I'm using it in a sales context, so once there's 30-odd entries it's going to be cumbersome to flick down to the bottom (most recent) entry for reference to what we spoke about last visit. Manual work-around would be to only add pages into the start of the notebook in PU I suppose, kinda like working backwards through the notebook, but that's a little bit annoying to do 8-12 times a day. Thoughts?
  8. I emailed Penultimate's generic enquiries email recently with the exact same suggestion/request - received a rather non-committal "thanks for your comments, we'll keep it in mind" response. Still, I'll be keeping an eye on the app's progress
  9. hmmm, I could have sworn that I'd gotten that Key Combo from the EN Mac Forum in the past? (prior to OP's post) Thanks for the heads-up re: Windows though - I'll just do these updates on my Windows work machine... Still find it a little odd that such a 'tag-driven' application is currently leaving Mac users in the lurch, however I understand the paralell (but not always mirror image) evolution of EN over the different platforms would lead to lost limb here & there. Thanks again.
  10. Struggling with this too... Not chasing anything special, just want to change the tag on approx 120 notes which all reside in the same Notebook. Have repeatedly attempted the CTRL + ALT + T combo noted by the OP (and noted elsewhere previously on this forum), but EN does not respond. I've obviously selected all the notes I wish to change. Am I missing something?
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