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  1. Hi All, I have been a premium Evernote user for many years and I recently decided to download Scannable to scan my customer's business cards. I like the integration so it works for me, however the way the phone numbers are stored are pretty frustrating for an Aussie user - who typically use this formats: Mobile numbers: xxxx xxx xxx Landline numbers (xx) xxxx xxxx Being US-based, it's creating numbers in Evernote (and my phone) in these types of formats, which are doing my head in: Mobile: (xxx) xxx-xxxx Landline: (xxx) xxx-xxxx Don't even get me started if there's a +61 on the card somewhere - it's giving me different results each time - is there a setting buried in the app somewhere that allows me to choose my preferred format?
  2. I emailed Penultimate's generic enquiries email recently with the exact same suggestion/request - received a rather non-committal "thanks for your comments, we'll keep it in mind" response. Still, I'll be keeping an eye on the app's progress
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