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  1. Thanks Owyn, I am a premium user at this time, how would I go about changing a specific notebook back to offline use?
  2. I've only been using evernote for about six months and so far love it. I've gotten some excellent ideas on how and what to use it for. One of my uses is to keep my wifes current medications on my tablet, that way when she has to go to a doctor and they want to know what meds she's on I thougt I could just bring up the note and show them. But today, when I really really needed the note, I kept getting an message saying " can't load the note, retry" and I would try several times. I was in a hospttal with no wi-fi or data connections. So my question is, where are the notes stored on a tablet or cell phone with evernote? Do they only download or load to the cell phone or tablet when you try to open them? and since I didn't have a connection they couldn't load? or does anyone know whey I was getting the message " can't load note, retry? Thanks for any help. Mike
  3. I'm just curious if it's possible to only sync certain notes to specific devices. I have EN and all my notes on my desktop. I also have a tablet and cell phone. I would like ALL my notes to be synched to my tablet but I don't need all my notes synched to my cell phone. Is it possible to designate only certain notes that synch to my cell phone and skip some of the others on my PC and tablet?
  4. jbenson, I'm a very new, newbie to EN, could you explain how to paste the link to your note in the "favorites" bar?
  5. Thanks to both of you. Both answers worked. However, GrumpyMonkey your anwswer saved me several steps. Thanks again.
  6. Is it possible to open a note in pdf format and add text to it? Here's an example. I just registered with the Postal Service website so I could print shipping lables. I got an email welcome letter with instructions on how to use the site along with my "username". I printed out the email to adobe and saved it into EN. I then thought how could I just add my password into the note so it would be there along with my username, but I can't find a way to do this (if possible). Anyone have a suggestion?
  7. You might also try using the Window key + A keyboard shortcut. If I find a pdf document online I just highlight the whole text then use the Win+A keyboard shortcut and it creates a note for me.
  8. Thank You Jeff, that was my problem, my subfolders were deeper than one level..once I corrected that it imported fine.
  9. I'm a very new newbie, so I know I'm missing something in using Import Folders for windows. I have a folder on my desktop called "notes for 2011". Inside this folder I have 20 subfolders. I added the "notes for 2011" folder to EN using the directions and included "subfolders". My designated workbook in EN is called "inbox". But nothing ever imports into EN. Neither the main folder of "notes for 2011" or any of the subfolders. I can take individual files from the main folder or any subfolder and move it outside of the "notes for 2011" and it will import into my main workbook "inbox". I hope someone can help with this so I can Import my "notes for 2011" folder and subfolders over to EN. Thanks, Mike
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