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  1. Generally I can live with the new Evernote, but here is some feedback: The placement of the delete X in the sidebar shortcuts is to close to where one clicks on the shortcut to go to it! So that many times when I go to click on the shortcut, I end up deleting it. Redesign if possible. The search is still not intuitive when one wants to first select a smaller group of notes (by tag or notebook) AND THEN do a text search. The new design asks one to go the other way. First text then filter by tag or notebook, etc. I think generally I want to search the other way, but it's not easy (or possible?) to do so in the new version. I miss the ability to easily open multiple notes as tabs in Evernote. Of course comprehensive import/export would be great, but might undercut your biz model...still it would be the right thing to do. There is lots I still like about Evernote as a long-time user. Thanks.
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