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  1. yes, you get it. Thank you for explaining it to others, i am not a English native speaker,so ...
  2. As i know there is no version control function. i think this an important feature..
  3. May be I didn't describe it clearly. I means : we can encrypt a tag, that means all the note with this tag will be encrypted. with that function we can: 1, encrypt a tag with a passwd. 2, If we want to encrypt a note,just add a tag(that tag have been encrypted). And that step we needn't enter a passwd. Just operate normally. .... 3, Only when we want to see a note which have a encrypted tag we need enter the passwd.
  4. I need a new function, that is to encrypt a tag. We have had a method to encrypt text, but I think it not enough. To encrypt a tag, we could easy add a tag,that had been encrypted, to a note. While when we want to see this we must enter the passwd of the tag. I want this function because want to write journal in evernote , with it the encrypting will be more easier.
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