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  1. I have given up using Evernote program to print. The best way I found to control the printing process was by using Evernote on Google Chrome. Then when I print I am able to scale and preview before printing. I hope that Evernote will fix this on their program as I have a lot invested in this program and would hate to have to switch.
  2. I have updated to 10 and now everything is printing wrong. It seems my biggest issue is that no where can I scale my note to one page.
  3. Every week I use the same template and duplicate it for 7 technicians to complete there time sheets on line. When complete, I print the sheets. In the past every time sheet printed to a one page document. Evernote automatically compressed the table to fit on one page. Now after years of doing this, some of the times sheets are cut off. Every week more time sheets are being cut off and only printing half of the week. It's not even printing a second sheet with the rest of the week. Evernote seems to only be outputting half of the table. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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