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  1. I updated to 10.8 and either that fixed the issue or re-starting Evernote fixed it. ....I now have 27 copies of the same template 😉
  2. Hi, I am using Windows v10.7.6 and am trying to save a new template. It says it has saved it, but when I create a new note, then click template button (I can see all the evernote templates) and then My Templates, I am taken to the last note in my Trash can! I permanently deleted the last note in case there was some weird link in that note but My Templates still goes to the most recent deleted note. Any ideas? Liz
  3. Thanks so much for all your help! I downloaded the app and it works like a charm. The tip about naming the individual files was very useful. Thanks again! liz
  4. 1. I am worried about installing the latest Android version 10.7 ? As the reviews are devastating. Is there a way to install an older version? 2. How do you merge the notes on the desktop? Do you mean in the Windows Evernote program, or do you mean some other desktop app to merge? Thanks again.
  5. I have on my Android some photos I took (not with Evernote) of pages of a book. How do I 1) upload them to Evernote and have them searchable? 2) In the future, does it make more sense to download the Evernote App onto my phone, and take photos of text from within the Evernote app? I can't seem to find what I think should be a simple answer. Thanks for your help. Liz
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