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  1. Hello, My Verizon Samsung Note 4's memory chip started to fail, resulting in an important text note not being properly saved. The next time I tried to access my note it said "this note appears to be corrupted would you like to try and recover it?" I said yes, and it took me to a blank note with my notes title, WTF? It is not in the trash on my Note4 Evernote app and web Evernote has the same blank note and does not appear to have a trash. Does anyone know how to get my note back? Frank fdg123
  2. Hello evernote guys (and girls), I have a Verizon 4G HTC Thunderbolt (soft keyboard android phone) and I find interesting stuff I would like to save from the internet by copy and pasting into evernote and the pasting doesn't work into evernote. I can copy to the clipboard just fine and when I go to evernote a long press of my thumb on the screen is noticed by the OS (my phone vibrates) BUT no paste option pops up on evernote screen. You need to fix this bug! Thanks, Frank ps: my android version is 2.2.1
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