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  1. Frank it was obvious he just wasn't reading. Applause for putting up with that nonsense as long as you did while still being civil. JohnDM sounds pretty upset about the beta web UI which I completely understand. The first time I tried it I was horrified because it doesn't allow me to work the way I need to in Evernote either. That being said... I have to agree with you, gut feeling or not, that the changes in the web UI (assuming of course they become reality. Enough complaints and they very well might shelve the thing) won't make their way to the desktop client. Desktop and Business users are going to need a power platform and the web UI won't cut it, at least not unless they make a lot of very large changes. My opinion is I wish they would stop worrying about these big UI changes and work on adding to the core functionality....like nested folders and a list editor that actually works.
  2. "Meantime though there's Flickr, Picassa..." Spoken like someone who never used Everpix
  3. I didn't like the UI in iTunes when it removed color from the sidebar and I don't like the same changes in Lion. Color gave me an easy way to glance at something and know exactly what it was without having to put any focus on it to see what the glyph or text was. They killed that with the changes to iTunes and now Lion. They never distracted from content. They also made iCal have a ridiculous fake leather look. Love Apple products but they aren't perfect in the UI department by any means.
  4. I'd really prefer you guys spend time on basics like the text editor vs. worrying about "Lion-y goodness". The editor is still a mess. The thing that keeps me using Evernote is everything else and the integration other apps have with Evernote. The state of the text editor is really unforgivable given that Mac OS X provides a nice text editor out of the box for developers. Cmon guys. Worry about the important stuff first.
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