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  1. Hi all, new on the forums but I've been using EN since 2012. The duplicate note thing is still happening and it's clearly related to mobile devices or PCs being used via hotspots. The latest iteration for me happens via the android app. Which keeps gets updates and the issue still happened again yesterday. This is inexcusable at this point. EN was a great idea done well from the start and it convinced me to quell some of my concerns about cloud services. Which still remain BTW. But a series of famously poor management decisions made me realize the organization had issues. For weeks EN was on the front page of every tech site with stories about their terrible decisions... followed by stories about "The best Evernote alternatives" and "How to migrate your Evernote life to X" etc. For this to still be an issue in 2021, and despite the super regular app updates... it's overdue for regulation to oversee issues and to seize and return app subscription money until such things are fixed. Once an app becomes a critical part of people's lives, a tremendous sign of it's merits, greater obligations from the app provider then occur. Like power and water companies have service obligations. I'm know my first post is a bit of rant but I want EN to see this directly before it goes onto reddit etc.
  2. Just adding my "same" comment and ensuring you're aware of that. I will post this and my longer post online if they do nothing but mod it away.
  3. Same, started two days ago. Recently paying subscriber, long time user. Doing it on the PC. And the lack of support reminds me once again: Evernote is a great concept and service but the management are so disappointing. They just ignored the furore when they started trying to push people into subscribing a few years ago. Didn't change anything. Despite being a lead story on many speciality sites. And issues... there is no timely responsiveness to serious issues that are having immediate, serious consequences for users. There is a disconnection between their stated aim and their actions: they provide a service that they want people to rely on yet they don't back that up by keeping it "up" and reliable. That issue with the string of additional docs being created... it still happens from time to time. Yet, my post as a registered, paid-up user needs to be approved by a moderator. Priorities. I work in disability and mental health and have a separate background in psychology, human factors and industrial and organizational psych. There are clear indicators of issues of culture and priorities that likely stem from individuals with high levels of influence. And folks, I will publish this post of mine online and tag certain sites and relevant youtubers if you either fail to upload it or there is no useful, timely response. And I won't blame the mod, I will ensure it is known to be the result of the rules as set by the management and their culture.
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