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  1. Hi, I have nested notebooks in my EN. eg. Notebook 1 - General - Sub-notebook 1 - Sub-notebook 2 Notebook 2 - General - Sub-notebook 3 - Sub-notebook 4 When I assign a note to a notebook (from within the note), I can not tell whether I'm assigning it to General of Notebook 1 or General of Notebook 2. Both show up as General A crumble path would come in handy to determine the right sub-notebook: eg. Notebook 1 > General or Notebook 2 > General. Would it be possible to have something like this ? I'm using EN on Windows, Mac and iOS en the web. Thanks, Mario
  2. @BurgerNFries That's what I'm saying: Checking size via the iPhone is OK, but only works for synced notebooks, not local ones. As far as I can see, checking the size of a notebook (so total size of all notes in it) is not possible, whether it regards a local or a synced notebook. @Owyn Thanks - looking forward.
  3. You're right ! You can see the sice of the notebooks that can be synced offline on your mobile device. However, the offline notebooks on my Windows machine are not known to the EN servers, so also not displayed on the iPhone, so not possible to see their size... Maybe some background: I had some articles I wanted to keep in electronic form when was doing some cleaning up. Using my Windows client, I would have gone over my monthly limit (I have a premium account) if I would have synced them all after scanning the paper docs. Instead, I saved them in an offline notebook, and each month, I drag a chunk of them over to the online notebook while keeping an eye on my monthly usage. The other day, I was wondering for how many months I still have to do this ;o) so a total size of this offline notebook would have come in handy to calculate. I guess it would be nice feature to have this also available in the Windows client. Don't think it would be the hardest thing to implement. Thanks, Mario
  4. Hello all, Does anyone know whether it is possible to check the size of a notebook in EN ? This could be handy while evaluating whether you want to make a notebook offline available on your mobile device, or when you decide to sync the content of an offline notebook book in EN for Windows/Mac to one that gets synced to EN servers. I would expect this to be available when you right-click and go for properties, but it isn't available. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place... Thanks, Mario
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