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  1. Can you escalate the issue? This is a pretty mission critical bug to address - users can't effectively do what the platform was created to do - take notes. All the usability features that evernote offers are great, but if I keep getting interrupted by my cursor getting bumped up to the top of the page, they're useless. If I'm taking notes during a meeting in a notebook that is really, really long, and I have to jump back and forth every five minutes - I lose vital information because now I'm focusing on scrolling back to where I was, not what was said in the meeting. I only started using Evernote on a daily basis in December, and I see here that this has been going on for years! That makes me think I've adopted the wrong solution for my note keeping. I'm using Google Chrome (most up to date version - literally just updated it 5 seconds ago, and the bug happened within 30 seconds of using evernote) on a 2020 MacBookAir. I don't want to sound like a Karen here, but the fact that this issue has been going on for years (even several days would be too long) is pretty absurd. If I'm still seeing the issue in a week. I'll have to switch to something else. I just can't see how the platform is functional with this bug.
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