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  1. Thank you, I will look at previous posts. If you could, it would help me greatly if you could suggest either some specific threads or good keyword searches to find these posts. I agree with you that anything over 10,000 in *tags* says that some reanalysis is necessary. However, my scenario assumed I was using tags, in a sense, as a substitute for creating pure hierarchy-based info organization. I would much rather use tags as they are meant to be used in all info management systems. My project work has been going on for 25 years and truly does require tens of thousands of hierarchal levels because the information itself requires that kind of breakdown. Trust me, I am NOT partial to very complex hierarchies or to breaking down information to insignificant detail; my work actually is trying to pull these details up into less complex models. But I have to start with the details. Thanks again!
  2. I'd really love to hear more suggestions on creating "hierarchies". I'm experimenting with Evernote as a permanent solution to my info management project, and not having a fairly intuitive way to build in a structure that mimics an outline format could very well be the showstopper for me. Which I would hate because I really love everything else about Evernote. And sorry, 10,000 tags is not enough for me IF that is the only way I can create hierarchies. (If Evernote really works for me, I would end up with *at least* 50,000 individual outline elements.) Stacks won't work because I need at least four levels deep for my projects. I have tried the "double naming" concept (Contacts-Work, Contacts-School, etc), but that does not truly express the nuances of why I use hierarchies in my research projects. I love how OneNote allows for infinite amount of hierarchal organization (which is really the only thing I like about it). Even a free blog on Wordpress allows for very complex hierarchies of "categories", so it's hard for me to believe such a concept is too difficult to do. I'm really surprised and sad that Evernote doesn't have some kind of more robust hierarchy functionality.
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