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  1. But I thought connecting a google calendar is the only thing you can do with the new evernote calendar? You cannot create new events in evernote, you cannot connect local or outlook calendars so connecting a google calendar is the only feature of this evernote calendar.
  2. Yesterday I couldn't use the calendar and the todo widget. Today I can use both but get an error when trying to connect to a google calendar. So I have an empty calendar without any interaction possibilities..
  3. I purchased a one year subscription some time ago. With the new pricing it says that I got upgraded to personal. "Whatever, new name same features" I thought to myself but than realized that I cannot use half of the widgets because apparently I need to upgrade to a higher tier. So the cool new pricing basically just downgraded our plans and locked new features (the only reason I endure the horrible performance and bugs) behind even more money. Is that correct, or is this downgrade just one of Evernotes many bugs?
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