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  1. Double clicking a note in the list view should not open it in a new oversized window mostly off-screen. Check the new window is using viewable screen area.
  2. CTRL-N should generate a new note in a new window as it does in Legacy, or at least give the user the option to choose the default behaviour. Currently opens in the main window but is not large enough in my layout to be useable.
  3. Restore handy feature - When title of note is left blank use the first line of the note content as the title. And then, on future edits of line 1 update the title with the new content. This is how Legacy works today.
  4. I'm encouraged to see a few minor things have been updated in the new version which tells me some effort is being made to bridge the gap from ver. 6. However, I have had to revert to Legacy because of missing functionality in ver. 10. Here is the feedback sent to Evernote using "Send feedback" button on new version (10.5.7). I am unable to move from Legacy to the new version on Windows because functionality I depend on for my workflow is not available. For example: 1. I need to be able to sort the list view in Tag order to find the highest priority entries at a glance. 2. Also need to sort List view by Reminder Date 3. Date format needs to be adopted from Windows setting as I use YY/MM/DD 4. Need List view to be sortable by Location (Notebook) 5. Left sidebar needs to include Saved Searches, not buried within Search bubble as I use my extensive list of saved searches for rapid navigation 6. Intitle: search needs to stay within the selected notebook (today it automatically reverts to All Notes during a new search) 7. Notebooks list contains mysterious new notebooks I did not create called "(Imported) mm/dd/yyyy" - can/should these be deleted? 8. Beside "All Notes" in left sidebar is a blue circle with the number 1 inside. Hovering over it causes a bubble to appear which says "1 reminder today" but clicking on it does nothing. I have over 5000 notes so clicking on the number should filter the list view to only notes with a reminder for today. Hopefully, I will hear back from someone at Evernote with plans to address my concerns before they kill Legacy.
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