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  1. As searching simply refuses to work in the Evernote IOS, Mac, and web version, I downloaded a legacy version of the app on Mac, the search function of which thankfully does work fine. However, I need to be able to use this search function during an upcoming meeting, during which I'll only have access to the web or IOS version of the app - and searching is still not working on there. Is there a legacy app version, or another way to get search to work in the web or IOS version? Thanks so much in advance!
  2. Today I revived my old Evernote account, deleted all my old files, and started afresh. However, when I simply search for a word I know for a fact is contained in one of my PDF's (which are all searchable - I checked by clicking on the PDF itself, and pressing cmd-F - that works fine). When I use the app's search function, the only results it is bringing up are from the notes I deleted (even though I emptied my bin as well). Even when I search for a word in a newly created note (not attachment), nothing is coming up, except old, deleted notes. This is the case on the Mac version, IOS version, a
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