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  1. That seems to have done the trick - thank you DTLow
  2. The current version of Evernote for Mac has ceased to search and display notes in local notebooks. It 'knows' they are there (cites the text string in the shortlist of 'found' search keys) but does not display them. The only notes displayed after a search are ones held centrally on the Evernote server. This absolutely won't do. Some of my most important material is held locally and always will be. Please restore this functionality ASAP, or sooner. Version 7.2.1 (456793 App Store) MacOS 10.13.5
  3. I'm surprised too, having posted before on this. Perhaps the Forum <search> function isn't working properly - I drew blanks on several search terms.
  4. I've requested this before but cannot find a current thread to join . . . In a Mac environment, it's so unsatisfactory to have an app in which so little text formatting is available. Please, let us have paragraph styles in notes. Even basic HTML styles (Header1, Header2, bodytext, blockquote, etc) would be better than none. Half a dozen customisable styles would meet my needs.Cheers. I see there is a thread on Markdown - but what I'm seeking is styles of paragraphs (eg fonts, type sizes) visible within the editor, so that a note can be made more readable.
  5. Paste is now working Release 6.11.1. As it should be!
  6. In the current MacOS version of Evernote - Version 6.11 (454876 App Store); MacOS 10.12.5 - the <paste> function is not working. This is a complete pain in the butt. This applies with a clip from another app, or a clip from within the same note. Inserting new text from the keyboard works as normal, it's only <paste>ing that is broken. The only effect of executing <paste> is that the cursor moves to the start of the current line.
  7. I guess I must send a comment on this issue about once every year. Here we go again. Evernote, WHEN will you add text/paragraph styles to the app? It's so tedious to have to hand-enter text parameters, especially for common formats like subheads. Markdown support would be one way to do it. Why not go that route, Markdown is so popular now? I appreciate that HTML isn't very kind towards people who love to format things cleanly. But other apps' writers master it. I expect an app of the quality of Evernote - and with so many users - to master it too. Come on.
  8. Please, can Evernote have better text layout tools? It's great that I can clip all sorts of material into Endnote, and search it all. But I'm a designer, and when I want to export material from notes, it looks just horrible! Please give us user-defined styles, as in any good word processing app. I know html (your basic format?) isn't great on typography. But surely you can create some style tools so that we can make our notes look better? Just five or six user-deflined text styles, easily applied with keyboard shortcuts, would make a big difference. Best wishes. Thanks.
  9. I've used Evernote for a long time now, and it's a basic tool for me. Thanks. But please make the Evernote database searchable from Spotlight in Mac OS X. It's frustrating to search in Spotlight (which is very good now, and my first port of call when hunting for material that I know is 'somewhere') and then to have to do a second search in Evernote. Best wishes /mike
  10. To join in here... The one thing that irritates me about Evernote (iPad and MacBook) is that I can't apply styles to paragraphs. Eg one or two levels of headings; body text with my preferred typeface and font size; quotations. Whenever I work with words on the page/screen I'm making a document, not just archiving a stream of text. So paragraph styles for basic document formatting are something I'm never without in a word processor - and I'm unhappy being without them in Evernote. Styled documents are far more useful to me than documents as found 'in the wild' - they communicate much more information at first look, when I'm scanning for resources in my Evernote 'scrapbook'. Please Evernote team... add user-defined 'styles'. How hard can that be? Although, if you're working in an HTML world behind the scenes, I appreciate that on-screen layout in HTML documents is fundamentally pretty klunky. PS: Outlining - mentioned by others - isn't of any interest to me as it happens. If I'm doing serious writing or editing, I'll do it in a proper document-creation App (word processor). My use of Evernote is for holding and marshalling resources, not for creating. PPS: Others mention a 'P' icon in the iPad version, associated with the on-screen keypad, which makes 'styles' of some kind available. I don't see it. Is it still supposed to be there (Feb 2014)?
  11. Just to echo the keynote of this thread.... text formatting in Evernote *IS* horrid. In addition to earlier comments I have one major gripe: Evernote needs user-configurable styles. I'm fussy about layout and design, and always want to (re)format text in notes, especially when I'm working with materia clipped from web pagesl. Currently (in Evernote for Mac OS X) when I want to format text it takes four keystrokes (call up the Apple text dialogue, select font category, select font, select font size). I need a single-keystroke solution, available within the note editing window: <apply style>. I will want to access at least five styles: bodytext with empty line between paras, bodytext without empty line between paras, main header, sub header and indented text (similar to <blockquote> in html). It's ridiculous that formatting of text should be so clunky. And as previous comments have said, things like line spacing are SO erratic in Evernote; for example, removing a paragraph break can toggle the formatting of a whole paragraph. Is this something to do with markup language? Whatever: it's just not good enough. Many users want good looking text (eg text that could be printed and look good on the page), and not just very convenient clipping (with junk formatting). Something looking more like a word processor page than an html page.
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