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  1. Do you mean that once I've changed a notebook's setup designation so it's no longer available offline the records previously stored on my ios device will be cleared and the memory space made available for other purposes?
  2. My inbox has devolved into a time-wasting whirlpool into which dozens and dozens of messages descend every week. Its utility as a workspace has become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data that I have heretofore ruthlessly archived or deleted by the hundreds every few months without giving some which merit my attention their due. I have allowed the urgency generated by a swollen inbox to overcome the importance of information lost in the flood. The following quote from TJ McCue's helpful article (referenced above) landed beside me like a life ring to a drowning man. It reads: Evernote provides a way to toss all your ideas, to-do’s, photos,and virtual sticky notes into a large bucket and then sort and find themusing tags and a super-powerful search functionOf course I knew this -- and I had already begun forwarding selected emails to EN to rescue them from the confusion that is my inbox; but my new process, effective today, will result in a "touch-once" approach to incoming mail. If I can't assign a given message to a notebook, with or without tags, I'll delete it immediately. "All" means ALL and henceforth absolutely all incoming messages will either be tossed into an Evernote bucket (notebook) or tossed into the trash. I feel wonderful about this plan. That ever-growing backlog of mostly worthless information has been like a cancer that has grown back again and again after every surgery. Dr. Evernote to the rescue!
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