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  1. Hello! Not regular. Editing is normal but worthless as there has been data deleted. When I do a work-around to avoid the loss of data (I posted in "notes truncate when editing") the grey area appears. Easygoing
  2. Hello! I have the same problem using Samsung Galaxy S2 and I posted my question under "note corrupted after editing" on Oct 14th (Sorry for that, but my English is to bad to look for truncate while searching) But I don´t think it´s just a problem of text field size as I have found a work-around which allows much bigger text files to handle. If there is a chart in the note (I pasted one from a word-file into the note) I am able to view and edit even notes with more than 60k letters. Unfortunately in this mode I have the same restrictions as Jabe mentioned and a solution would make Evernote more valuable. Easygoing
  3. Hello! I use the version 3.2.2 of evernote android app at my Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android 2.3.3) and have a consistent problem with text notes of a larger (but really not to large) size. The problem is always the same: In my Evernote Windows Client I put with copy and paste a text with a certain size ( for example 9000 letters) in a new note and sync. I can read the whole note my android device but when I try to edit the text a part of it has gone. When I quit the editing mode without saving the whole text is visible again. When I quit with saving the part of the text has gone forever and the corrupted file will be synced to the cloud. Deinstalling and installing after booting the GS2 wasn´t helpfull. Is there a way to avoid this bug Easygoing
  4. Hello! Using Note links helps a lot working with Evernote and Outlook calendar at the same time. But I wasn´t able to figure out, how I can use these links at my android smartphone as it is promoted A working note link in my (desktop) outlook doesn´t work any more when I sinc outlook via my phone explorer to android. Even typing the letters of the link directly in the android calendar doesn´t work. Can anybody help or explain all the note links features I can use with android. Thanks Easygoing
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