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  1. Hello again and thanks for your answers! Something magical happened - since I created this account to share my problem here yesterday, I can use EN again and the warnings are gone. I don't know exactly why, maybe it has something to do with me logging in again (on the website)? I don't have to log in / log out on my pre-installed EN App on my PC, but that's the only explanation I could think of... Anyways, I have followed @gazumped advice and checked how many devices are associated with my account. It turned out to be 3 accounts: my PC, my phone (where I thought I deleted EN) and my very old phone which I haven't used for 3 years now. That could explain a lot, thank you! @PinkElephant Good to know. Luckily, that's not the case! 😅 @agsteeleThanks, I will try that! Thanks again for your help.
  2. Hello! :) Everytime I open my free, installed EN version on my PC, a few seconds later I get the message "you need to upgrade" & "you reached your limit of 2 devices". I don't use EN anywhere else. This problem started a few weeks ago but I use EN for a few years now - and I didn't change anything... How did i reach the limit?! I deleted EN on my phone (where it was pre-installed) but EN still doesn't work on my PC. Can somebody help me?
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