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  1. ...and this still seems to not be fixed. Numbered lists keep restarting the numbering at "1." when indented. How hard is it really to make it use letters or something for subpoints? Also, I still get buggy behavior with un-numbered lists and copy/paste. And what really kills me is that when I edit a note on the destkop app, then walk into a meeting with my Android tablet, I get "unsuppoted formatting" messages and all new edits to the note on the tablet happen in a little text box at the top, not in the body of the note, where I need it. I'm really, really close to giving up on Evernote. I'm all for Food apps and everything else under the sun, but how about AFTER they get basic note taking to work correctly. WordPerfect on Windows 3.1 was more consistent that this. Are we really advancing?
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