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  1. Are there notes you *dont* regularly edit? So instead of adding an extremely simple and powerful feature you think i should use multiple products and put my notes all over the place to forget where i put which note? Its not just about passwords. There are obviously many great password keeper products better suited for that task. Scenarios: 1. I have personal notebooks I write personal stuff in and I dont want my work buddies to be snooping in on and be able to easily read them if i step away from my desk for a minute. 2. A business partner and I are working on a shared notebook together to toss around a potential new business idea and capturing our notes. I might not want my current boss or employer or even friends to be able to read this note if they somehow look in my EN (which is probably running on my desktop at home and on my iphone and ipad if they get stolen). 3. I write personal poems i dont want my spouse to read and she's snoopy when i'm not around. Anyway I could go on forever and of course there's "another answer" for every one of them but none simpler and more elegant than just being able to right click on a particular note OR notebook and password protect it. I love EN and want to be able to use it for all my note taking needs and not have 6 different apps for taking notes.
  2. Yeah i've tried them but you cant edit them once they are in evernote. They send PDF versions to evernote for viewing. Not really useful at all.
  3. Hmm sure enough... that is definitely better than nothing although it would be more convenient at the note level. Thanks for the tip!
  4. It would be extremely useful to have the ability to password protect individual notes. For instance, if i'm thinking of birthday presents for my mom and I dont want her to be able to look at the note "Mom Birthday Ideas" so as not to ruin the surprise i could put a password on *just that note* so that when she clicks on it it prompts her for a password and she is thwarted! This would be extremely easy to implement and you could bundle it in the premium version as an up-sell item.
  5. I cant believe evernote doesnt have this already. I just got an ipad last week and just naturally assumed it would its such a no brainer. After doing research and reading about steve jobs hatred for styluses I assume thats why EN has held off but this just seems like such a no brainer to me. Can someone at EN at least reply to this with their thoughts and visions on whether this feature will ever appear? All the other apps that enable handwritten notes and doodles and then "send to EN" suck because they come to EN as PDFs and un-editable after.
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