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  1. Hey I recently updated evernote and lost all my notes from the past 3 years. I cannot find them in the web too. I installed evernote legacy(which was suggested as a fix) and that is empty as well. I checked the "Member Since' and found it was the date that I logged in after the update. Even though I used the credentials of my old account. I don't think I created a different account, because I have tried all the login options with my old credentials and still only the latest account shows up. I'm not sure what I need to do to get all my notes back. Please let me if there is anything t
  2. Hey! I've tried the legacy app but my notes are not showing up there either. Please let me know what to do further. I've lost all my notes from the past 3 years and I really need them.
  3. Hey! I'm facing the same issue. Lost all my notes after an update. I'm using mac. Pleasee let me know what to do!
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