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  1. I think my main concern is the list would be unmanageable. I understand that using tags would help, just concerned it will be a huge list. Will have a try...thanks
  2. Sorry, I should have expanded, I have possibly 50+ manuals for lots of different models...The ones above were just examples.
  3. Hi,,,,I have been trying to take advantage of my Evernote Account.....I was thinking of loading my Technical Manuals into Evernote for all the various products I support. To explain better my folder structure on my PC where the PDF's are kept. Manuals\Server\HP\Proliant DL380 G8 - This has 5 manuals inside Manuals\Blade\HP\Proliant BL465 G7 - This has 3 manuals Manuals\Desktop\HP\8000 Elite - This has 4 manuals Could anyone offer me any guidance on how best to get these on Evernote in a structure that I can very quickly find things. Also these PDF's when opened in Adobe are searchable, can they be searched in Evernote? Any support would be appreciated
  4. I was told stacks dont work on the IPAD/Iphone...which for my technical manuals in particular would be a problem as I have that with me when working
  5. Hi All....Sorry for a different post....Wasnt sure whether to add to my other post which was about a different issue or start a new one....So thought it might be better to have a different one with a better topic.... I have many Notebooks & many tags.....I am trying to see what setup would be better... I have attached 2 screenshots of my notebooks and tags... I have a lot of manuals that I store as I am an engineer.... I am trying to figure out whether I need so many notebooks or so many tags... As an example Notebook - Manuals HP Servers has 17 Notes which have PDF's of the manual. I then have tags for each model so that I can search for the manual in question when I am out and about. Another example, I am an avid gamer & snapshot a lot of website /forum pastes related to different gaming topics...So I have notebooks for each game, but then have tags also for specific subjects within each game. Looking for the experience of other forum buddies to give me some tidy up experience. I am planning on storing all my receipts in future to evernote...either scanning a paper receipt of emailing evernote from the electronic receipt. Any help would be appreciated Cheers John
  6. I will what you suggested....Thank you very much......
  7. Unfortunately, the input is performed on Iphone/Ipad...Reason for this, is my site doesnt allow access to evernote on the WEB or to install the desktop client...I then forward that days DAR as an email to my work address, to allow cut and pasting into the spreadsheet... Is it possible to create a DAR template with a cells that would allow cut and pasting easier into a spreadsheet from the email... Something like Cell 1 - SL123456 Cell 2 - Diags Cell 3 - 19 That way rather than individually cut & pasting each piece of information, i could grab all three cells and drop straight onto the spreadseet. I was thinking of then using the Asset(SL123456) as a tag, so I could search on a tag....My only concern with that is that my tags could become unwieldy.....I am working on approx 10 different assets everyday...so theoretically after 1 month, I would have 200 tags..... can tags be allocated to just one notebook? so if i created a DAR notebook...The Assets(SL123456) which would be my tags would only be available in that one notebook
  8. Hi All....Looking for some guidance....I am a server hardware engineer....On a daily basis I have to complete a time sheet that shows what I have done for that day....The Timesheet is called DAR & is a spreadsheet. however I create a note for each day to list what I have done...Example below SL123456 Diags Replace HDD - 150399-001 Diags Test Build Wipe Device SL987654 Diags Order 146GB HDD - 406474-001 SL656768 Diags Order System Board That's my example I am looking for a way to organise these, make them easy to import some of the data into the DAR Spreadsheet. Also, I would like to be able to easily search the Asset ID(SL123456) to be able to check if I have previously worked on it & search the part number(150399-001) for the same reason...See how many I have ordered Any guidance in this area would be appreciated. I am new & hoping to try and use Evernote more
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