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  1. Can the font color icon on the format menu bar for note editing be modified to act like Microsoft Excel's and not like Apple's? In Microsoft Excel's implementation the icon shows the last color selected and can be clicked once to set the color of selected text: or The current implementation brings up the Color panel and needs two (or more) clicks to change the font color and leaves another floating window to attend to.
  2. Yes, I'm aware that I can narrow the search using intitle:"" ... but this is too inconvenient to use on a regular basis, especially since Evernote starts a live search as soon as I start typing. Please consider adding a search context drop-down like the one Firefox provides, as seen in this image: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s19/sh/8a0614bf-603d-4a20-89a5-b62999437c97/a0be1d6e86365f54091cd475b0a38605 The choices could be: Title Only Notes Only Images Only All Content If someone else wants this too, please reply with a +1
  3. When I search for a term, the Evernote Mac client only searches the Account group of notebooks or the Shared group of notebooks, depending on the context. This defeats some of the purpose of search, since I don't know where the note I'm looking for is located. Also the context drop-down is misleading, since it says "All Notebooks" Please modify the search feature to search *all* notebooks whether located in Account or Shared. If someone else wants this too, please reply with a +1
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