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  1. So today is Tuesday 9/28/2021 and the "UpdateCheckPeriodMS" change did not result in EN waiting 100 days to check the update. The popups are back. We are now on Version 10.22.3. Considering I use EN on three PCs, two of which require administrative users to install, this is back to being a major pain. Maybe something also needs changing in the Boron_template...
  2. Hey thanks! That worked. They layout seemed to change slightly after I signed out and reopened too so maybe it wasn't applying the defaults when I clicked on restore the defaults. I have three computers with Evernote, 2 I don't have a lot of privileges on and this one with the issue I do. It was at V10 something but the other two I just got updated fully to 10.21.5 so I had just updated this one to get each in agreement again.
  3. There's a popup that says "Some widgets are no longer available in your current plan." Choices are to upgrade or reset to default widgets. I am not interested in upgrading my plan. I selected Reset to default widgets. The popup goes away. It seems every second time after I have closed the program and reopened, this popup reappears at the top of my screen. I just upgraded to 10.21.5 so that the program would stop asking me to upgrade every day. This widget popup is even more annoying than that other popup is.
  4. How about you read what I posted and you might see why your answer is unhelpful. Which if you are personally insulted when someone tells you your advice is unhelpful you may be perpetually insulted. Usually moderators prefer you hit report post and let them handle moderation. I can't update for every little change the developers feel is so absolutely necessary to force picking an update or not every day. So it's not simple like you insist. I would like to be able to turn off the update for a reasonable period of time. Daily is like in your face spam. My IT department also needs time to verify security of new versions, so I can't get approval until that happens. And they are not going to vet versions 10.21.4 and 10.21.5 for instance for security holes.
  5. Further, as far as the usual system/program "preferences", there is all of three listed under Tools>>Preferences. Check spelling while typing Save data at log out. Import folders. Not a lot of choices! And here we are on version 10. Or rather 10.21.5. Which is 21 subversions of the main version 10, but wait there's more, the fifth version of 10.21. If every subversion has 5 sub sub-versions. That would be 105 versions of version 10. Which is why even if it's not daily, the frequent popup is annoying.
  6. Poking around further... in the config.json file "updateCheckPeriodMs" is set to 86400000. That's one day in milliseconds. So every day the program checks your version and if you can't readily update, as I can't on my work computer because the IT department has locked down installs, I have this popup. EVERY DAY. I would have to call the IT department to get administrative privileges to get an update. Wasting my time and their time and company dollars because of some minor update as represented in the third decimal of the version number. So I added two more zeros to the value. And if that works and if I am still unhappy after three months about the popup returning, I'll add two more.
  7. Removing "forceUpdateOnStart" line in config.json didn't work. Changing "forceUpdateOnStart" to false didn't work. It was set to true. Somewhere else is causing the problem.
  8. I'm glad PinkElephant you seem to feel it works for you. There are multiple other people in this thread for whom it doesn't. You are not being helpful, you are just telliing us to do it the way that is satisfactory for YOU. Yeah that really doesn't happen. I have it on two computers, one which I can update easily and one I can't. it does it on both. You are no longer adding anything helpul here. What kind of service is being provided that needs to be updated daily with an in your face update. If I say no, don't come back every day to bug me with no way to turn it off. I just updated it yesterday and it came back again today. It's nonsense, other programs don't push this aggressively. Evernote-No solution in over a year! The only reason you got my subscription this year was that it was an automatic subscription. That won't happen again if this isn't fixed.
  9. Because I want the service that I pay for to not perform the action excessively.
  10. @Rajesh GaireTHANK YOU! I did not come and look until today when this bugging me again. Absolutely ridiculous to have to do it that way but I believe I was able to disable it. I first found the config.json file by searching on it and finding it an Evernote subfolder. I opened it in Notepad and immediately save a copy by appending old before the .json extension. Then I reopened the original not copied file and deleteted the "ForceUpdateAtStart" command, while watching for comma placement. I suppose changing true to false would have worked but didn't try it. I then just saved the file. I also made sure Evernote was closed while doing this. It seems to be working. @EverNoteIf it doesn't work, or I don't have sufficient privileges on my work computer to change the file, THAT'S IT. I have paid for your program personally for use at work and privately, have previously recommended strongly to family and friends, but this is ridiculously stupid that the update has been enabled on startup with no user option to disable. I can't install everyday at work, I don't have privileges to do so. I would have to call the help desk to do that.
  11. This is getting super annoying. Every day I see an update notice. There's no real need for it. I can't find where to turn it off. If it keeps up, I will drop the program and I am a long time user!
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