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  1. i guess it's not my system then. i guess upgrading won't help either. evernote used to be pretty good, but, i imagine they got some new ceo who wanted to make his mark. there is alot of that going around nowadays. oh well. i'm still using it as a backup for my other text program.
  2. i am using evernote on pc windows 7 with chrome. previously i could type in evernote and the letters i typed would appear on the screen instantly. now, i can type, but i have to wait like 6-7 seconds for the letters i typed to show up, and that's if i'm lucky. i tried to submit a bug report, but evernote did the 'streamline the user experience' thing to such an extent that i was unable to submit the report. i filled out all the fields and at the bottom of the website page it said i should report a bug, but i was ALREADY on the report a bug webpage. i am smart enough to see that evernote i
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