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  1. Not sure where to report issues with the beta. I was in a notebook and tried to create a new note with Cmd-N. I realized I didn't want it in the original notebook so I changed the notebook associated with my new note with the selector at the top left of the note. The note vanished! Since I was actively in notebook A and the note is now in notebook B it doesn't show up. Should either note move if I'm editing or should change the active notebook... Can't remember what was done before, but I'm relatively certain it was not this
  2. I'm running Evernote 2.2.2 Beta 1 and Using Lion DP4 Update 1. Phrase search appears to be treating all words in the phrase as if they are not surrounded by quotes. i.e. if I search for "Hello World" (with the quotes) the words Hello and World are highlighted even when they don't appear next to each other.
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