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  1. Thanks, but I don't want to send & convert a PDF to mobi format, I'd just like to send a normal Evernote note (only text) to Kindle via email. I guess that's a feature still being worked on.
  2. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to send a note from Evernote to Kindle, via Amazon's Personal Document delivery service, where it would take a note from Evernote (maybe convert it to MOBI?) and send it as a document to my Kindle 3 (via your xx@free.kindle.com address). I was hoping it would be similar to Instapaper's setup, where you add Instapaper's given email address (xx@instapaper.com) to the approved email's list under your Amazon account. I tried adding Evernote's unique email address (under Tools>Account Info) under the approved emails, however when trying to send a note via email (through Evernote's Share button), the document was not delivered to my Kindle under Wi-Fi. Thanks.
  3. Ok just wanted to be clear, Evernote says that there is the feature of "offline notes" (not notebooks) for Android. However, in my usage of the app, this really means only "offline" once you open a particular note, storing it in the cache (and not even the SD card, so it may get wiped if you clean your cache), meaning for hundreds of notes to be "offline" you have to download each manually. I just hope ppl don't get confused by the definition here and think Evernote has true "offline" notes (aka notes stored locally on SD card). This is just my personal opinion, $5 a month for an offline notes feature is kind of hefty for such a basic component of a mobile notes app, and I hope you can see to it to change it to a one-time fee of $5-10 (normal app price) and/or ads, or find a better solution/feature set for your Premium plan, ie. video/audio notes, or something.
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