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  1. I finally figured out how to do this on the Thrive, so I'm recanting the post I made yesterday. I was trying "press and hold" to get the Paste option to display, but a little tap needs to be used instead. So: 1) Highlight the text you want to capture and use the Copy option. 2) Switch over to Evernote. Make sure that the note you want to add text to is in Edit mode. 3) A little tap in the note will display a green insert icon. Slide the green icon to the place in the note where you want the text inserted. 4) Tap the green icon to display "Paste", and then tap "Paste".
  2. My Toshiba Thrive tablet has this issue, too. I can not get Evernote to paste copied text into an existing note. My workaround is to highlight the text and then select Share > Evernote - Create Note instead of selecting Copy. That action will create a brand new note with the copied text. I really want to be able to copy into an **existing** note.
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