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  1. I am using extensively Evernote for four years on different platforms, mostly IOS for ipad and windows for PC, in order to take notes on different courses, seminaries, organize rhem, tag, link etc. it is an enormous quantity of job. now i do not have any more the export to PDF and HTML that makes me choose Evernote at first !!! this is simply mad, for me, make an update that not improve, but take out kay features, now that i can only export to Evernote itself, what can i do, loose all the 4 years and countless hours of job, migrating to another platform???? Moreover i painstakingly center each image on countless notes, and now this function, not only is not supported any more, but all my old notes are visualized with all images at left side... WHY ???? in many old notes now, on windows, each line break is visualized with a grey square around with HTML written and the possibility to use a magic wand to normalize it. DO IT ONE BY ONE !!! Absurd... moreover if an images present will not allowed me to do it!!!, how many hours of job should i do for the crazy modifications that Evernote made????? Moreover, on IOS those old notes cannot be seen!!!, showing o mu on the left, but main windows is white clean..... a new version MUST assure full compatibility with the previous ones !!!! i pay for this service and now what i got is an immense damage!!! Any soluton?
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