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  1. I have been skipping releases until today because of this loss of functionality, but today I was weak and accepted an update to 6.14.5.something. When I noticed this was gone, I went back through all previous versions I could find on FileHippo until I got to the newest version where it works, which was
  2. Because this feature is important to me and I made the mistake of accepting the latest update today and lost it, I went back through previous versions as listed in File Hippo until I found that the Esc key works correctly (IMO) in version Guess I'll stick with that until I have verified a fix in a newer version.
  3. Did a quick browse and not seeing this issue reported. Installed (307027) on two machines and had the same issue on both. (I've rolled the one I use the most back to due to this.) Escape no longer removes focus from the Note pane back to the Note List pane (which allows updates to sync). Very annoying to me.
  4. Why is there suddenly an extra .25" of whitespace between the note editor window and the note list window, to the right of the dividing line? This wasn't there in (304720), which I still have installed on another computer. Seems unnecessary.
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