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  1. Is there a backup/restore plan posted somewhere? I would love to set up a weekly cron job with a rotation after all of that happened I am guessing that it happened when using the betas, trying to get around when they broke the formatting
  2. I think I got most of them back to buckets that are close enough. I used a combination of text and tag searches then moved them.
  3. I already checked on the web. Wrong there, too. I have started moving the easy ones back (lined journals, skitch).
  4. Pretty much all of my notes - more than a thousand - are now in an "old skitch" notebook. Most of the other notebooks have zero notes. All of the livescribe pages, what used to be called the skitch notebook is just gone. What the heck? I don't know when this happened - it wasn't something that I did - I would remember systematically emptying each and every notebook in my account. Has this happened to anyone else?? Version 6.11.1 (455061 App Store)
  5. But you didn't point to official old versions, and google didn't help. What I really want is to know when this will get fixed.
  6. Evernote - Do you have any info on the release date for the version that reinstates support for formatted pasting? Or a documented way to download a previous version?
  7. There is more too it than just colors - Fonts, formatting... Will that be restored also?
  8. I am having the exact same type of problem - I use evernote to keep track of reproducing things done in terminal - I used to be able to simply copy the terminal, and it would be in the right fixed-width font, same color type and background as my terminal - now everything you paste is Helvetica Neue, Black letters on white background. Who approved this release?? Before 6.11: after:
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