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  1. Finally!!! I figured out what the problem was. Peter on the original Mac forum had said to go to the Webclipper at http://evernote.com/webclipper/ But that has no link as shown on this page which is what I needed. I only found the page on the web, but it's a shortened link: http://bo.lt/gvoju:7fryxjemux so I can't see the real address. But at any rate it DOES point to the bookmarklet page which is the one I really needed. Instead of the black elephant bookmark, it puts one that says "Clip to Evernote" and wheewww, it works. (don't mean to post this twice, but I couldn't see it when I tried to post a few moments ago.)
  2. Ok, I've looked around the web and the forums. How do you "clip to the web."
  3. Scott, I did follow your link, reinstalled the extension, and now when I just click the Black Elephant Bookmark, I get a three-tiered little window: Clip article; Clip full page - enter; Clip URL. But when I do any of them, once again it just throws my selection right into the normal desktop Evernote app. I cannot get it to give me the window shown in Evernote where you can add the comment. Are you aware that perhaps it's been changed, that no longer are the comment areas being provided?
  4. Scott, I tried one last thing. I found the other Black Elephant Button, downloaded it into my Bookmarks (instead of the one I already had in the top Mac menu bar, and it gives me the same thing. I selected text hit THAT black elephant button and in Evernote, I got this selection below.
  5. Scott - More explicitly, there is NO window—"the extension pop-up window"—that opens where there is a "Click to add tags, Click to add comment." It just goes straight to the Mac app notebook I've designated for clippings. Is that any clearer?
  6. Scott, I'm not sure what you mean by "the clipper button." I'm using the top menu black elephant icon in Firefox. "New note, Paste to Evernote, Clip rectangle," etc. As I said it just goes straight into the Evernote App on my MacBook Pro. There's no box which opens up that you showed me on the blog. I.e., if I do a selection on a page, click on black elephant in top menu, choose past to Evernote, it does smack-dab straight to Evernote opening up a new note. There's NO interim smaller box where one can add information such as the comment.
  7. Scott, thanks but I once again downloaded the Evernote Web Clipper and chose the Send to Evernote WEb option. However, it only sends either the URL or a rectangle and there is NO space for a comment. It goes straight to the Desktop application to insert it into Evernote. I see no room for comment at the top or in a special box either.
  8. I use Evernote extensively for research, i.e. saving portions of websites and need a Comment field preferably at the top of the note. I need this to cue myself about why I thought that particular website or portion was significant for my project. When you copy over even sections of websites so many times the first line font can be very large and entirely inappropriate just a simple text reminder note. This WAS possible on the Firefox widget a couple of years or so ago until they disappeared. Preferably it would have a line space where you could start typing and the long line available to insert from the menu to separate it from the copied over note from the website? Is this now somehow possible? Thanks!
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