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  1. Opened a note today on my MacBook and found it had been converted to a pdf!! I register monthly payments to my housekeeper in this note and it is now truncated to June 20014 and does not register all the rest of the months up to Dec. 1, 2014. How could this have happened!! I checked the web version and its the same problem there. I don't even have an idea of how you convert a note to pdf!!! I really need to have this information back. (No, I am not a Premium user. ) What can I do to get this file back? Can Evernote management get it from what I assume are periodic saves of all material? Sharon
  2. Nope. In the new fancy version 5 which I unfortunately downloaded this morning, I chose the View>Sidebar Options>Show notebook list, to make it work like it's always worked! BUT...the only thing you can do is choose a notebook to open. You can't delete one, you can't stack it on top of another, etc. It's almost useless. Instead, I finally figured out, you have to go click on the Notebooks icon with the little red bookmark which then opens up all the notebook icons you have on that page along with their sub-notebooks, but because they're now all nice and big and pretty with their nice big icons, I have to swipe through two pages to get to what I want to then drag and move. It's a waste of time and screen space, ala Google's last Gmail version which also was a labor of love by the designer gods' with their vaunted White Space. Google finally had so many complaints on Spacing that they rescinded the worst examples of space hogging space. Ugh. I'm convinced this is because the designers and their bosses all have 27-30 in. screens to work on and as 1%ers they don't have to work with the 99%ers 13-15 inch laptops! Then there's the left-hand menu of notebooks which now is virtually useless except to open a notebook...but hey, it doesn't matter if we have to waste time and clicks and swipes...doesn't it all just look so pretty on the Notebooks page? Geez. Who took over design at Evernote, which has been a fine, wonderful example of a great app.?gggrrrr. If someone can tell me how to go back to the previous version until someone in charge finally tries to use Evernote with lots of notebooks and notes on a 13" screen. I can't imagine what this will be like on the iPad. I'm sure not going to try it. I already gave up on the iPad version because it takes SO long to get to what I need, but it didn't really matter because I use my MacBook Pro for almost all my Evernote work. I just had no idea they were going to port the ills of the iPad version back to the full computer version. NOT!! They're destroying all that make Evernote wonderful, in this frenzy to use more visuals, when Evernote is not a photo-based app as far as I have ever seen or heard. What a shame. How can I go back to the old version!!!?????
  3. I'm using the list format, since having to flip through all the large icons frankly takes way too long. I want to just see the notebook I need, click and its there. But at least in the list version, I cannot put one notebook into another that already has sub-notebooks in the left-hand menu like I have always done in Evernote. What's the trick in this new version? This is obviously an essential movement to be able to do!!! Also the Note>Move options in the top menu are grayed out.
  4. Happy Day, Happy Day! After a couple of non-starters Support fixed the problem of 100s of note "bodies" disappearing, leaving only the info of date, URL, etc. They gave me a new beta Evernote program to download, asked me to restart the MacBook Pro, zap out the Application Support folder to the desktop, gin up Evernote again and let it reload all the notes down into the program again. Previously I had checked and they all WERE there, just couldn't get them into the program. And btw, there seemed to be no rhyme nor reason as to which ones disappeared and which did not. Anyway, I give ample kudos to the free and quick support folks for what is a great program.
  5. Dean, thanks. i did submit a support ticket yesterday and got a reply from and in return sent the activity log which i only discovered after I sent my original queries to support and to this forum. It indeed indicates even to my non-geeky understanding that there is a connection problem. I also happily encountered a discussion about the web version (uh, been a long time just using my EN on Mac) and all my notes WITH bodies are there -- thank goodness!! So I will just wait until Monday when EN folks are back in and hope for a quick resolution.
  6. I cannot believe this. Is this a normal problem? I have around 1600 notes and at least half of them now appear in their lists, and they have size, date and URLs in tact in the corresponding box, but many, many of the notes in every notebook have just disappeared. There is NOTHING!! This was for a sizeable research project. Is this a common problem now? I have submitted a ticket, but I want to know if anyone else has had this problem. Also I'm finding many duplicates of the same file that I do not have any reason to have put in so many places and crazy file sizes. I'm attaching two examples: one showing 1kb for an entry of 139 words. And a second entry of the SAME note in another Notebook and it also says 1kb and there is indeed NO text. But it is the total loss of so many notes that is truly frightening. And do I now have to understand that I have NONE of this material on my own computer. I thought it was in both places. That I uploaded a COPY!!! Is this not true? Thanks.
  7. Finally!!! I figured out what the problem was. Peter on the original Mac forum had said to go to the Webclipper at http://evernote.com/webclipper/ But that has no link as shown on this page which is what I needed. I only found the page on the web, but it's a shortened link: http://bo.lt/gvoju:7fryxjemux so I can't see the real address. But at any rate it DOES point to the bookmarklet page which is the one I really needed. Instead of the black elephant bookmark, it puts one that says "Clip to Evernote" and wheewww, it works. (don't mean to post this twice, but I couldn't see it when I tried to post a few moments ago.)
  8. Ok, I've looked around the web and the forums. How do you "clip to the web."
  9. Scott, I did follow your link, reinstalled the extension, and now when I just click the Black Elephant Bookmark, I get a three-tiered little window: Clip article; Clip full page - enter; Clip URL. But when I do any of them, once again it just throws my selection right into the normal desktop Evernote app. I cannot get it to give me the window shown in Evernote where you can add the comment. Are you aware that perhaps it's been changed, that no longer are the comment areas being provided?
  10. Scott, I tried one last thing. I found the other Black Elephant Button, downloaded it into my Bookmarks (instead of the one I already had in the top Mac menu bar, and it gives me the same thing. I selected text hit THAT black elephant button and in Evernote, I got this selection below.
  11. Scott - More explicitly, there is NO window—"the extension pop-up window"—that opens where there is a "Click to add tags, Click to add comment." It just goes straight to the Mac app notebook I've designated for clippings. Is that any clearer?
  12. Scott, I'm not sure what you mean by "the clipper button." I'm using the top menu black elephant icon in Firefox. "New note, Paste to Evernote, Clip rectangle," etc. As I said it just goes straight into the Evernote App on my MacBook Pro. There's no box which opens up that you showed me on the blog. I.e., if I do a selection on a page, click on black elephant in top menu, choose past to Evernote, it does smack-dab straight to Evernote opening up a new note. There's NO interim smaller box where one can add information such as the comment.
  13. Scott, thanks but I once again downloaded the Evernote Web Clipper and chose the Send to Evernote WEb option. However, it only sends either the URL or a rectangle and there is NO space for a comment. It goes straight to the Desktop application to insert it into Evernote. I see no room for comment at the top or in a special box either.
  14. I use Evernote extensively for research, i.e. saving portions of websites and need a Comment field preferably at the top of the note. I need this to cue myself about why I thought that particular website or portion was significant for my project. When you copy over even sections of websites so many times the first line font can be very large and entirely inappropriate just a simple text reminder note. This WAS possible on the Firefox widget a couple of years or so ago until they disappeared. Preferably it would have a line space where you could start typing and the long line available to insert from the menu to separate it from the copied over note from the website? Is this now somehow possible? Thanks!
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