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  1. Just cross posted this topic on TechCrunch: http://techcrunch.com/2014/01/28/evernote-sync/
  2. I am still experiencing issues as well. For all the great new features being added to Evernote, it is at its heart a text/note editor. If there are basic editing features which do not work and cause frustration by its end-users, all other wonderful features are useless because you won't end up using the product due to basic features not working as expected.
  3. I completely agree. It's sad Evernote doesn't take this issue seriously.
  4. Here is a note that has missing bullets. I noticed it started happening after I started using (shift-tab) to reduce the indent. Bullet Test.zip
  5. Ah, I realized I attached my note that I had already applied "Simplify Formatting" which does fix the issue but mangles all the bullets (as you could see in one of the screenshots). I'll recreate another broken note. It's not too hard. I am using the latest Evernote 4.5.8 beta.
  6. /bump - awaiting reply from Evernote. Also for some reason my previous attachments seem broken. Re-attaching here. I'm also attaching the Evernote document as well. Example 1: Example 2: What Simplify Formatting does: Evernote Export of broken note: Bullet Tests.zip Previous images as ZIP: format_examples.zip
  7. I am on the latest beta: 4.5.8 and I can say that bullet point functionality is still completely broken. I created 2 notes from scratch this morning and ran into a number of issues such as: hitting enter makes a new indented line without a bullet, hitting enter after a bullet creates a weird bulleted nested outside my list between the parent and children bullets. I still am unable to use Evernote for brainstorming using bullets. I have to assume I'm still not alone in believing this should be a high priority for the Evernote team. It's extremely frustrating. Edit: Attached capture2.png showing a simple test I did in 2 minutes. Then simplify formatting.png shows what happens if I try to use that feature to fix the issues
  8. Further, on a previous note I had created in Windows, I went to open the note on my mac using latest beta and the all the bullet points were corrupted. I had to re-do the entire set of bullet points.
  9. I've been trying 4.5.5b1 and the bullet points still seem totally broken. I created a new note, and just started bullet pointing using tab and shift-tab. All of the sudden my shift-tabs start de-indenting but there was no bullet point. Hitting enter just created a new blank line. Now the whole note just won't work with bullets. Extremely frustrating. No copy/paste was used at all. So far I haven't seen any improvement in this regard. If anyone at evernote, wants me to send them my note, I'd be happy to so they can take a look.
  10. This is GREAT news. I noticed a longer pause than usual for a new beta release of this windows client. Maybe that is the reason? :) Thanks
  11. Haven't worked on it yet. Have other things lined up. Gonna have to give us some more time. We don't plan our roadmap based off of last weeks forum posts Hi Dlu, Thanks - I totally appreciate that. I was more just curious if 1) you guys were indeed able to reproduce and 2) looking for confirmation it was going to be included in the roadmap. Having an answer to these would just help the community know if we should be looking for more examples or whether you have the information needed to address. Best, Grant
  12. Hello, Just curious if the Evernote team has been able to make progress on this issue. Thanks!
  13. Thank you! We appreciate it. Looking forward to the improvements. Grant
  14. This is exactly it! It's like when copying/pasting bullet points around in the same document, highlighting some bullet points must be selecting more than intended from a back-end HTML storage perspective. In other words, even though I'm only intending to select the one <li> element, I'm selecting a parent <ol> as well and then when I copy/paste we get malformed HTML representing the content. At this point, the whole note has malformed HTML and you are pretty much stuck unless you remove all formatting in the note. Extremely frustrating. Thanks
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