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  1. I was accessing on 2 devices and via web. Then today I was told to keep only 2. So I logged out of the first device and logged back in. Everything went well. Then I logged out of the second device and logged back in. Now I have access via the second device but I am locked out of my first device. I have to wait until end of the month to do anything now. What nonsense is that? I did what you guys told me to do and in spite of that I am locked of one device. This change would likely prove to be the last straw for me. I was getting fed up with the frequent conflicts and has been looking for an alternate solution. With this latest move, you have accelerated my desire to move elsewhere. Having to communicate to you via this forum just makes it that much more painful. Hope you can make my life a little less painful by helping me re-enable access via the other device. Thanks!
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