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  1. I appreciate you helping. I think I should be able to select tags to refine my search, and be able to search within those tags, no matter what the name of the tag is.
  2. Thanks for keeping up with me on this one! Appreciate it. Yes, I modified a note between posts, so the count went from 1599 to 1600. What I'm trying to ask EN to do, is search for the term "wireless" that ONLY are tagged with ANY of the MOB's tag in ANY notebook so I can limit my search to that project and that keyword. If I just set up the search, it shows the correct notes (only MOB tags in all notebooks). See below. I want to search just that 72 note subset. When I enter in a keyword to search, it doesn't search those 72 notes, it goes back to searching my whole notebook stack.
  3. When I have the "automatically select child tags" I get the following results when searching. You can see in the results window, I have notes that are other than what is selected. It ignores the search criteria.
  4. @csihilling - thanks for that tip about automatically selecting child tags. You are correct. It's searching all of my notes, not just the ones with the tags selected. I attached the search bar screen shot for when I select the parent and then the child tags. As you can see it found 1599 notes, which is not correct. There is only 72 notes in the parent and child tags that I want to search on the term "wireless".
  5. I have an issue with searching within nested tags. Windows client. Version (303788). Premium user. See my two attachments. First attachment is the search bar from when I select parent and nested tags. Second attachment is a nested tag structure within my evernote account. . When I search (while the parent and nested tags are selected), the search defaults to a general search and I get results that are not in the 9 tags that are selected. I only want to see results that are within the tags that are selected, not the keyword I search on for every note in my account. I've tried the "tag:" parameter and it does the same thing. If I select a tag that doesn't have child tags under it and search on a keyword, it only searches notes with that tag, as expected behavior. I think I found a bug searching within nested tags? Am I doing something wrong?
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