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  1. I've seen this menionted a few times...but I have not seen a response from Evernote. Is managing structured data on the roadmap for future updates? I find I still need to use MS Access for many small databases, strcutured lists etc... and then manually bring them into Evernote. I have a poor mans workaround where for Notebook X, I have two notes [*:2e2ehbmy] one note , for the EDIT function, is a macro to launch MS access, which allows me to make the data changes I want. When I exit, it launches another marco to export the data into an HTM file, to a specified folder, which Evernote then auto imports [*:2e2ehbmy]the second note , is for DISPLAY, to show that HTM file. It would of coruse be more elegant if native Evernote had a simple but structured database/worksheet feature.
  2. Once you get into the EN world, there is no turning back. Its really is a great tool and now part of my everyday desktop/web/ipad routine. In terms of still more intergration points : 1) Is there a reliable gadget for Google Tasks to EN notes? I happen to stumble on this one (not yet installed) . Are there others? Any endorsed by EN? http://www.vikitech.com/563/easily-add- ... e-calendar http://sites.google.com/site/vikitech/E ... Gadget.xml 2) Is there a reliable gadget for Windows Vista Sidebar? Any endorsed by EN?
  3. When I use Export Notes, and select "Export to a single HTM Web Page" , it works perfectly.EXCEPT that the sort order is out of whack. It appears to be sorted by Create Date, which not useful at all. Is there a way to sort it by Title?
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