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  1. Can we all agree that the new title bar area massively sucks. Gone is the rapid access search box (I must use that 50 times a day), gone is the Sync button, gone are extra details that are useful. I presume Evernote don't want folks hanging out on the "Legacy" version, but that's where I'll be for now if "updates" are going to make me less productive. And if they the non-legacy continues to be less productive you'll eventually find I won't renew my subscription. It might sound like a small thing, but after one day of the new style app, I'm never using it again until that search bar or something similar is back...
  2. I'm aware of the availability of text statistics for an entire note. However, working on CFPs and other types of documents, I want to check the number of characters or words for a specific paragraph or title section for example, not the entire note which may have revisions and buffer text. Currently I open Word, copy and paste, then get the statistics there, which is daft.
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