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  1. As the title says, the Desktop (Windows) version of Evernote is simply not opening - it stays stuck on a loading screen for hours (image below). I can still access my Evernote from a Web Browser, but I cannot get the desktop version to work. I've restarted my computer several times and even uninstalled/reinstalled the Evernote app, but nothing is helping. Any suggestions/help welcome.
  2. I see - that matches the results of my test. Disappointing. But thank you for the answer.
  3. Hi, I have noticed something very strange going on with my account with regards to storage space. When I go to account info under the Tools menu, it shows me my account summary, including remaining storage space for the month. According to this, I've already used up 22 MB of data, which cannot be right; I've only recently started using Evernote with my current email address, and all my notes combined add up to like 7 or 8 MB. I am confused by this - and concerned as I have only the Basic Evernote, and am limited to 60 MB/month. Additionally, as a test, I duplicated one of my notes, deleted it, and then permanently removed it from trash - however, my account info still reports that I've used up even more data. Does this mean that simply creating a note and uploading data will cause my remaining storage to shrink, regardless of whether I remove that data or not?
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