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  1. So I just deleted a large amount of text from a note and I am struggling to find a way to retrieve it. I did not delete the note itself, just text within. This happened with the Evernote App v 10.4.4 on Windows 10. Basic User. Some odd glitch started happening where many of my keystrokes wouldn't work in Evernote, including backspace and any 'ctrl+' shortcuts. I was trying to carry on working in spite of this, and I was selecting a large amount of my notes to change the formatting. I then accidentally hit the spacebar key and so replaced it all with blank text. Ctrl+Z doesn't work, and nor would selecting undo from the 'edit' menu. It's already saved and uploaded to the cloud so I can't retrieve it from my phone or the web. I had to restart my laptop which now has fixed the keystroke problem, but the text is still gone and I can't see a way to restore. Any possible solutions? It was a note I had been working on all day, continuously open and adding to from 9am until 4pm when the deletion occurred. I understand Note History exists for premium, but I am unsure if this would have captured the version I want, which would be the one at 4pm right before a large chunk was deleted.
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