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  1. So the evernote search has failed and we're expected to recall other stuff and if we're lucky evernote will find that note for me? WTF is their problem. The data is there sitting locally on an SSD probably. The computation power is there. RAM is there. But noooooooooooooooooooooooooo we'll not match "Pepperonipizza" when you searched "pizza" !!! Why? Because we can. I was using firefox scrapbook-x till now but freaking Mozilla has stopped supporting extensions. I came back to see if evernote has changed. I was a yearly subscriber earlier and I left evernote only because of evernote's clunky and sucky search. Sad to see it hasn't changed.
  2. select text clip it select another text clip it now it doesn't clip the text selected in point 3 but clips text selected in point 1version: 6.2.2 (0862ece/ Also, kudos to the new web clipper developers. booo to new web clipper QA.
  3. all things being equal, better would be to reinstate search-for-tag-by-substring before optimizing 'smart tag' speed. assuming 'augmented memory/information retrieval' is still one of Evernote's principle value propositions, and assuming 'tags' are a core feature of that value proposition, it seems contradictory that users should now be required to recall tags *verbatim*. its really irritating that the old clipper used to match "important searches" tag when I typed "search" while tagging ,and the newer does not. I dont use automatic tag. For me this update resulted in a loss of functionality. There should be some way to revert back.
  4. I have already disabled the feature, still dont find it comfortable. I mean, super fast web clipping to read later is basic decisive selling point of evernote. And iff I want to tag while clipping I find it irritating that the new extension will not match substrings. Doesn't evernote have an archive of old extension somewhere ?
  5. the newer is sloooow. It does not have "substring tag search"...earlier 1 did. And it did it quickly. This was a very bad decision from the PMs IMHO tagging is always easier from client at the end of day/session. How to revert back to older ?
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