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  1. Hey gazumped,

    Thanks so much for responding.

    Unfortunately, my problem is indeed that the new note so created (with 'create new note in a new window' CHECKED) doesn't pop to the "top". It actually does jump to the top of the pile among all Evernote notes, but it doesn't jump to the top of my desktop if _any_ other program windows are in front of it (Chrome browser, Firefox browser, Windows explorer folders, etc).

    And that's what I'd like to have: to have the new note jump to the top of my desktop so that I can simply start writing.

    Can anyone else help?
    Does it maybe have to do with any settings of my taskbar?




  2. Hi everyone,

    I just learned that the CTRL + ALT + N keyboard shortcut allows you to create a new note from everywhere in Windows (I'm using Windows 7, 64bit by the way).
    But when I do this, the new note doesn't pop to the front of my desktop. It's minimized and lumped together with all my other opened Evernote windows, and blinking yellow: see screenshot.




    What I want is to be able to start writing immediately. I don't want to have to click on my Evernote icon and look for the new note (among all my other opened notes).

    Does anyone know how to solve this?



  3. Hello everyone,

    I'm using Evernote Basic and I'm thinking about switching to Evernote PREMIUM.
    But first I want to know if  I can do this:

    -create notes in a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat or Foxit PDF Reader and then import the PDF in Evernote and then use the Evernote search function to search for the text annotations inside the PDF


    -create notes in a PDF file using Evernote and then import the PDF in Evernote and then use the Evernote search function to search for the text notes inside the PDF

    I just tried the Evernote Premium Annotation feature (free trial for 30 days) but my text annotations weren't found by Evernote. Neither the text written with Foxit PDF Reader or the Evernote Annotation feature.

    Am I doing this wrong, is this a bug or is this not supported in Evernote PREMIUM?

    thank you


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