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  1. I'm using the Windows version and both the "Status bar" option and the "Word and resource counts" are missing. Finally I found the word count in the "Show note information" (not sure about the English translation) menu option, but I hardly noticed it there. I'm getting pissed with these "improvements". First remove the sync button and now remove the word count. Maybe Evernote should ask users which features they like, before removing them.
  2. Horrible horrible decision to remove the sync button. What were you guys thinking? You try to save the pixels in our monitors? People have been learned to be paranoid about losing unsaved changes, so a manual save or sync -button gives the peace of mind, even if it was all placebo and nothing would actually happen. But in your case there really was need, as there was significant delay on the automatic sync and it's possible that you quickly need to close the laptop - and changes would not be synced. Please try to use your brain more in future, when getting these "bright ideas" to "im
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